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For all you trivia buffs.


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The last time the Griz were held to 7 points for an entire game....

1998 against cal st northridge 7-21

Not that it matters. But that was the same year we went on to lose to W. Illinois 52-9 in the first round of the playoffs...... :evil:

Could it happen again?
Oh....And I do not think we have been held to 7 points since we've been playing at Washington/Griz stadium. I really can't remeber the last time we only score 7 at home.......back in the 50's maybe,,,,,,,,,,,,, :evil:

Who else would like to see Cockhill go?
I've got a feeling the offensive woes go deeper than Cockhill. The conservative nature of the offense is a Head Coaches choice. And also the decision to put in fresh horses (Neil) would also be a final decision of the Head Coach. For all you know Cockhill could have been screaming at Glenn to put Neil in by the second quarter. We'll never know.

Here is another point about Glenn. The last three years of success is still 75% Dennehy's team really. All the stars that have been a part of the "streak" would have been here with or without Glenn. Mick and staff recruited these players for the most part. Last year I'll bet you hundreds of coaches could have guided that bunch to the NC. Glenn is a good coach and deserves some credit, but the program that has been built here by Don Read mostly is what gets the "cream of the crop" players here. And that is the reason for the "streak" not Glenn. Any good Div II coaching staff would have had the same success as Glenn with the team he inherited. Don't cry too long if Coach leaves. We will grab another hungry coach quick and be as awesome as ever next year.
You've got to be kidding Ronbo, all the stars that were a part of the streak were from Dennehy's staff? Give me a break.

Glenn's staff has brought in players like:
Ciche Pitcher,
Blake Horgan,
Vernon Smith,
Jonny Varona,
Tate Hancock,
Lance Spencer,
Levander Segars,
Cory Procter,
J.R. Waller,
and Jonathan Talmage.

Too many Griz fans started taking winning for granted. I've heard talk how we were going to waltz through the season with 16 "predictable" wins. These ignorant fans don't have any idea how hard it is to even make it to the playoffs -- something the Griz will do for the 10th straight year this year.
You want to start naming names during the streak. Like I said the streak was 75% Dennehy recruited players. You have what nine players there. I could probably name 50 that were involved in 90% of Glenns wins that were Dennehy recruits. About 7 on your list were on the field today and for Eastern Washington, so they are really not made of the same cloth as our players last year and the year before that. The team has very slowly but surely dropped off since the Glenn recruits have benn moving in and filling spots. But you know this was supposed to be a rebuilding year anyway. We should be thrilled we even went 10-2 and made the playoffs.

The point I was making but it seemed to completely elude you, is this. Glenn is not the end of the coaching world. Our program, stadium, reputation brings these recruits here. We are to the West like Youngstown and Maine are to the North, GSU is in the Southeast, McNeese is in the Southwest. The best of the best that can't make Div. 1A want to come here, whether you have Mick Dennehy or Joe Glenn or Joe Frickin' Blow as the coach. Our program draws these good players, those nine you named would have been nine others just as good if somebody else was here instead of Joe Glenn. Coaches can be replaced. We'll re-load the staff if Joe leaves and off we'll go again.

That is, without a doubt, the best response I've seen to a post since I've been at egriz. Props to you brother. GO GRIZ!!!
Ditto. You hit it on the head Ronbo. The way I feel right now, read my post "Tell me it ain't so, Joe", we could go for a coach change right now and not be too soon.
Yeah...and maybe we could open up the offense again.....

Oh wait, then our D might go back to pre-GLENN staff form.

It is a crap shoot. You never know what will happen when you change staffs. It could be great, or we might go on to lose 16 straight to the CATS! OK....that was a little too much.

Glenn is a good coach...and proven to be able to bring home the hardware. Mick could never do that. Even when his teams were healthy.
I would stick with some one who can get the job done. But I do not think we will have that option. ANd yes we will have to go on. I won't cry.

Do you really think any Joe Freakin Shmoe can win the 1-AA championship just because of the program they are coaching at? Really? Mick must be less than a Joe Freakin SHMOE if that is the case.
You make the point exactly. Soures, Dennehy, can anyone think of another. These coaches were successful here but not elsewhere. If Joe goes to Wyoming he will be a loser there, if he goes to Nebraska he'll be a winner there. Same difference. We have a program that will have some occassional off years, but we'll be winners mostly with most coaches. THE PLAYERS WANT TO COME HERE, if Dennehy can't mess that up, no one can. Just like FLORIDA, the players want to go there, they also want to come here. I just can't make it simpler than that. Does anyone know sign language? Help a couple of these guys out.

There is a dozen good winning coaches in Div. II just waiting for a call from us. Take your pick and send them a plane ticket. We can get any one we want.

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