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Flying Under te Radar


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I know we are all excited about tomorrows game but there is one tonight you all should tune into on the Omega station.

We have a couple ex-Griz going at it tonight in the Montana AA State title game in Billings. Mark Sulsar for Senior and Ron Lebsock for Skyview.

I'm a Senior alum so I'll be pulling hard for them. They have an offense that could produce a few future Griz with all the passing that they are doing. Scary part is that the QB is just a soph. Hopefully, they will Omega will put it on the net so I can watch it out here.

Go Griz and Broncs!!!
I'm proud to say that my brother is fortunate to be coaching in tonight's game under Sulsar. He coaches D-Line and I agree that Dessins is a scary QB and can really put up some big numbers.

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