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Fly by.


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The fly by was the begining of a beautiful day of football. They were extra loud today and actually set off some car alarms.

Pretty amazing Ochs could have such an off day and we still kicked butt. When Ochs gets going, there will be no stopping that team, especially with the way the D is playing. Just have to kick cat in the litter box and then host 3 in Missoula. Then I'm off to Chattanooga. Go Griz.
If I hadn't already emptied myself before the game i would have when those fighter jets flew over. :wink:

When they went over i was thinking "I'm glad they're on our side, and i'd sure hate to be on the receiving end of that!"
Apparently they flew over Drummond (Class C title game) 3 minutes before they buzzed WA Griz. :p

I can't imagine that. It usually takes me 20-25 minutes to get there. Just kidding. I would give up certain parts of my anatomy for a full out ride in one of those jets. Hopefully I would come back with puke all over myself. :oops:

That was a great beginning to a great day. Thanks to MANG for the fly-over.
I spent 6 years in the Montana Air National Guard - 120 th Fighter Intersepter Group - when I was in, 86-92 we only had (2) F-16 trainers or 2 seaters, so rides were few and far between, only got 2 myself and I found that it was nearly impossible to not climb down the ladder, giddy as hell, drippin in puke. Those oxygen masks are real difficult to breathe through with all the chunks flying around in them, I think I ended up swallowing most of what came up time and again, and I'd strap back in at the 1st chance.
That flyover was damn good and I only saw it on TV.

Bear Axed: I'd expect more from someone who spent 6 years in the National Guard than the s*** you're pulling over on the MSU board right now. Real classy. You almost make our HORRNNET look like a Rhodes Scholar.