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first practice


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:D Just a little up date. After watching the first practice it has become very apparent that "air bear " Is back in town. All I can say is wow. All the Q-*backs were sharp. It looks like the recievers and Q-bs have been playing together for years. Can you say thread the needle!!! Bullet passes over the middle ....soft touch passes down the sidelines...on the money swing passes...looked great to me. When a pass was slightly off the mark the rec. were still making great catches. Some of the new corners also looked pretty good...I was impressed with Rubie. I think our d-backs will be just fine. The new rb from San Diego is a load...His legs look like giant sequoias. Cant wait to see him in full pads. Dont get me wrong though...Waller looks like he has no intentions of laying down and giving up his job...he looks faster a more explosive. The team looks much more disciplined...faster and stronger than ever before... Thank God football is back in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Thanks for the update BillyBear! Looks to be an exciting year of Griz football... can't wait... what was your opinion on the staduim expansion?
Didnt go into the stadium. But just from the outside it looks awesome. The Griz practiced over on the South fields.
Has anyone been to last coupld days of practice? Just looking to see if the Hauck is leaning towards one QB or the other in practice.
Both Q-bs are still running with the first team O. I thought Disney had the edge after spring practices but it looks like Ochs might be slightly ahead after watching both fall practices. Either one will be able to lead us to the NC championship.
I just came from today's practice. Ochs looked to be the sharper of the three. Justin Green looked outstanding, but Jefferson Heidelberger looked incredible, so what else is new, huh? All in all, this is starting to look like a team that won't be denied. Tons of spirit. The "D" line looks like it will be very capable of enforcing the words that JahGriz put on a tremendous photo creation in another thread..."ENTRY DENIED". GO GRIZ!!!
I went to the practice today, and it seems Garth Enger may be out for the season. Do not know why. Hate to see the injury bug occur again. Anybody else hear about it? It hasn't been announced yet, or may never be.
What sort of injury did Garth receive? On TV yesterday, Hauck did not hint that there were any health problems. Also TruGriz, what has been your impression of practices?
NativeGriz said:
What sort of injury did Garth receive? On TV yesterday, Hauck did not hint that there were any health problems. Also TruGriz, what has been your impression of practices?

My source didn't say, or didn't know. Just something that occurred over summer. I just hope my source is wrong about this.

I only watched part of it, maybe a half hour or so, maybe 45 minutes. I think from around 3:30PM. When I got there they were doing some passing plays. Receivers looked real good. I know early in spring scrimmage, people were concerned for receivers, but I am not.

After that they did kickoff returning. Looks good, but when Hauck stated there will be a lot of teaching going on in fall practices, he wasn't joking. Assistant coaches were all over the players with instructions. I am of the thinking, the grizzlies will be smarter players this year.

Lastly, Hauck is one intense coach. I don't think there are words that can express how intense this guy is. He is the loudest guy on the field, and you can hear him from 100 yards away as clear as he would have been 10 yards away. Plus, he is clearly high on discipline. Just hope the team keeps winning. All this discipline could cause problems if a team starts to lose and players morale declines. I do not think this will happen though. Griz are going to keep on winning, and players being more discipline can only help.
I was just over on GSU's official site, and they have alot of pictures posted on there of their practices, which made me wonder why nobody has posted pics of Griz practices. Maybe one of you guys who make it out to watch the practices can take your camera along and take some pics for us out of towners and post on here???? Man I'm just aching for all the news and pictures I can get!!! I have never been this exited for football season, ever!!!
I just got back from today's(sunday) practice. Only watched an hour an half as the heat was getting to me, and I didn't take any water with me.

Took my camera with the purpose of taking pictures of some of the practice. GGG was there also, and was going to take pictures.

Both he and I were told they did not want anybody to take pictures of the practice. Not sure why, but I didn't ask any questions. I am sure, any questions asked would have been unanswered anyway. It could be just the Bobby Hauck Way of doing things.

Other than that, I thought the practice went well. At least the first hour and a half. Castanza looks to be a good receiver. Vernon Smith, let us hope he doesn't get any injuries this year. Will need him to offset some of the inexperienced, but talented and athletic defensive backs. I must say though, most of the DB's played real well, though Segars burned Nathan Adkins once.

It has been said before, but Justin Green is a real stud and I predict he will be playing quite a bit this year. Him and Waller will be sharing most of the snaps. But of the two, I predict Justin Green to get more. Waller may be fast, but Justin is BIG and FAST. He is just the guy the Griz need for the goal line situations. But, I do expect Brady Green to get some reps. He looked good.
Castanzo made a real nice catch on a long pass after you left. He out-jumped Decoitte for the ball. It made me wonder who #81 was.
I wondered what kind of competition Bozo would have at Wyoming their first game, so I wandered over to their website. Here are some excerpts from an article about their first practice---sounds like they're having a good time with Joe, but comparing it with the apparent dedication and commitment of our coaches, I'm not sure I agree with some of what they're doing. Joe Glenn seems like a nice guy and a good coach, but I think I like the coaches we have now. Here's a bit from the U/Wyoming website:

"With the strains of "Cowboy Joe" blaring in the background, Joe Glenn opened his first fall camp as Wyoming's head coach Wednesday, with an enthusiastic two-hour practice at the north fields.
Glenn had his four-wheel-drive vehicle driven next to the practice fields, and as the Cowboys left the field, turned up the volume on the school fight song.
On a perfect Wyoming morning, the Cowboys' practice put a smile on their new coach's face.
'We're all excited to be going, players and coaches alike,' Glenn said. 'It's a new beginning, and it's a great feeling. I think everyone has picked up right where we left off after spring training. We're excited to have the opportunity to get with our kids, roll up our sleeves and get after it.'
The practice session, the first of 29 the Cowboys will have prior to the Aug. 30, opener with Montana State, included seven-on-seven, nine on seven, team work and individual drills. Some 100 players practice on the first day.
. . .
Sophomore offensive tackle Dan Fisher (Gering, Neb.) seemed to echo the feeling of the team following the workout. 'This was fun out here today. I can't wait for the season, it's going to be a new experience.'
An illustration of the "fun" Glenn is bringing to the program came after Wednesday's practice. Rather than the squad running following the workout, as is traditional, Glenn offered a challenge. If three defensive linemen could all run a "fly" pattern, and catch a long pass from the quarterbacks, the team wouldn't have to run.'
. . .
Everyone seemed to be happy with the new NCAA ruling that limits two-a-day practice sessions. The Cowboys will have five days of single practices before they experience their first two-a-day situation next Monday (Aug. 11).'
Thanks guys for all the info. I drove my family to Missoula today, so they could shop, and I could do football. At least I went by the stadium. It looks awesome and I can't wait. I do hope my tickets aren't at the top. Prefer to be a little lower. I may have to call and see if that can be arranged. Keep up the posts. It keeps us out-of-towners informed and excited. Good job!

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