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First Half Summary


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only a few words to say really.

Lack of penalties being called on ISU from the first play on ( including late TD by ISU...big time push off)

the offensive game plan and play calling SHOULD end the overly negative post regarding OC's play calling if that continues in the second half.

I think we have done well against these guys......Hope the second half goes our way.....we should win this if we play the way (for the most part less a few obvious mistakes like the tips and turnovers) and can figure out how to get any pressure on their QB!

I agree. Offense is moving the ball. Could have easily had 24+ pts. in the 1st half without turnovers,penalties,etc. I am please with the offense but not so pleased with the score.
I like the play calling. Griz are moving the ball well. Turnovers are a killer. It would be nice to stop that running back from isu. And I agree we need to get some pressure on the QB. Offensive line doing a pretty good job of protecting Ochs.
I am a big BH supporter, but I do have to question the decision of running Wallers. Same plays and Green goes for 5-7 while Wallers goes -1 to no gain..
Play calling is good when they work and are bad when they aren't. Ochs is doing a great job of making them work.

Score should be a two touchdown lead if it weren't for the turnovers.
I do have to question the decision of running Wallers

yeah, he's another wasted scholarship. maybe he can get a dance schollie as he's gotten a lot of practice dancing around the holes the line makes for him.

I,m pissed.

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