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Final Thoughts...


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9-4, Respectable season in my opinion. Two of those loses could have gone the other way... many of the wins could have as well. There were lots of injuries, couple that with new coaching staff, I can honestly say Respectable.

I know LOTS of people were disappointed, myself included. There was a lot of talent on this team and we should have done better. But thats in the past now.

For 2004, the Offense needs to get an identity. There was too much flip flopping and changing, great plays that worked one game were never seen again. The option is cute from time to time but nothing to hang our hat on. Our talented receivers were a second thought. Ochs is a question mark for 2004, and we didn't see enough of anyone else to really know what they are capable of.

The running game was the big surprise. Green and Hilliard were outstanding and will be a huge strength next year. I forsee Hilliard breaking all Yo's records in the coming years.

My hat off to all the players who gave their %110, the coaches who did their darndest, and the fans who have stood by this team through thick and thin.

See you all again in 2004.

As disappointed as I am right now, I have to agree. Respectable. We win a share of the conference title, make the playoffs (remember there was a time that a playoff berth was a pipedream for this program) with a rookie coach and staff, expand our stadium and lead the nation in attendance. Contrary to what az says, this program is not in shambles. We will return alot of talent next year, the coaches will have a years experience under their belt. We will probably be a preseason top 10 team. Thats far from shambles.

That being said, I still don't believe it's over. I spend all year waiting for something that goes by too fast. GGG lets get that countdown to kickoff clock started soon!!!!

Hats off to the players who gave my family and I so much joy this season, especially the seniors, we will miss you!!!!

GRIZ FOOTBALL.....Love it or leave it!!!!
Agree with both of you (GGG and Hammer). The season results were very respectable. There are however, two major disappointments for me in it.
1) The Griz lost to the bobkittens. :cry:
2) It's over way too soon. :cry:
Withdrawal has already begun with the realization that there will be no more Griz football until spring and no game to attend until next August. To ease the pain Carroll College will get my attention for the next few weeks. But, it just aint the same as watching my GRIZ.

By the way GGG, tell your brother the art work for this last game was WAY AWESOME!!!

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