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Final 4 Predictions?

Grizzly Oredigger

Well-known member
Who does everybody have in the Final 4 (Not from your original brackets but from who we see now)

I'm taking:
Mich. State (They're playing well, but definitely have a tough road)
Ohio State (Easiest Road)
Florida (Over Michigan in the Elite 8)
'Cuse (Just have a feeling)
Sticking with my original (yes all are still alive):

Ohio St.
Miami (injury will hurt them though)

Louisville over Miami 76-71
I've still got my final 4 alive.

Ohio State

Louisville beating Syracuse.
louisville. that constant trappping in-your-face full-court pressure is withering. remember, they were down big at the half to syracuse, and won big. the way they play, they're never out of a game. their style is the great equalizer, especially against bigger teams. i wish we'd used it more this year. i wish we'd had it in our arsenal against syracuse.
Simply because I believe the Big East and the Big 10 have been the two best conferences in the country this year I pick:

Ohio State


With Louisville and Syracuse in a rematch of the Big East final with Syracuse winning it all this year. That way I can say we got beat by the best team in the country come March.

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