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Farris is looking good for the Falcons.


Just a quick FYI: The local media here in Atlanta is really talking up Farris's chances for making the team as the fourth receiver. He looked very impressive last week against the Dolphins. The last time I saw the young man was when he was torching my Eagles in the National Championship game in 'Nooga, so I am glad he is getting a shot at making the roster for my hometown Falcons.

Best of luck to both he and the Griz this year!
Thanks for the info, I was wondering how he was doing. I think he has the skills to make an NFL team, he just needs a break. He needs the break that Dave Dickenson didn't get.

I appreciate your letting us know the local scoop from your end. Good luck this season, hope to see you in Nooga this year.
Farris origionally signed on with S.F 49er's and they really liked him there. He was in a heated battle for the finial receiver slot but was beaten out.

He then went to New England (Super Bowl) and then last year asked New England for his release. Glad he has found another chance. Hope he can make the most of it!

I still miss im playing for the GRIZ!!!!
Man.....how fun would it be to catch passes thrown by Vik? I hope that he does make it and we can watch another Griz on Sundays and Mondays.

Of course, it would be "im-bear-resing" as a WR to be slower than the QB! :wink:
I thougth the Falcons not only lost Vic, but also had their second string QB hurt.
That is good news about Farris, nzone tipped me off yesterday that he caught a TD pass during the last game.

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