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Did anybody notice how few fans W. Kentucky brought? :eek:

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! They are about 140 miles away from Nooga....... What happened, did they all get lost on the way? It's all Interstate the whole way! It's an easy 2 hour drive!!!!! :x

I got an idea for the NCAA. You want to get some fans in the stadium? Move the campionship within a eight hour drive of Missoula......

Can you imagine how many fans would be in the stands if Montana was in the National Title in Spokane? We would put 20,000 in the stands for that.

We put 12,000 just to watch the EWU game.
What is the capacity of Joe Albi? I bet it would sell out. The reason they won't put the game in Spokane is because they are afraid of the weather in the Northwest in December.

Hell, even put the game back in the Tacoma Dome, thats an easy drive as well.
They had the NC at Poke-o-taila Idaho and Tacoma.

It will always be in the South East though. Sad, but true.

Even ST. Louis would be better. Oh well. :roll:
Pocatello has a dome stadium. and the one in Tacoma was most likely in the tacoma Dome. Also, most 1-aa teams are in the east.
I think Spokane would be an awesome spot. When I was there this season, the first thing it reminded me of was the atmosphere at Chattanooga. I think the official capacity at Albi is 22,000. They would probably have to make improvements to their press box and concessions if they wanted to stage a championship, and you can't do anything about the weather.
The weather at Nooga has been awful for most all the games played there.

But it is in the correct geographical area. One team was 140 miles away and the other was 300....can't beat that. It would be too expensive to have it in the west. Only one team from the west has a chance to make it to Nooga every year....and the NCAA knows that thier fans will travel to the NC no matter where it is. :wink:
I say the NCAA should land it in Spokane for a year and see how it goes. I hate how they have it at one site for a few years in a row. There's no fun in that. They should put it in a different spot every year and in every part of the country. No more favortism towards those Southerners.
I can talk. I used to be a Southerner (If you consider Tampa, FL to be in the South), but nothing in the South will ever match good old Missoulatown.
How about makig it a home game to the highest ranked team in the championship game. Missoula next season, that would be great!
djonevers said:
How about makig it a home game to the highest ranked team in the championship game. Missoula next season, that would be great!

That'd be nice but for about a million reasons why it will never happen... Of which I'm not going into coz I'm stuffing around with all the BSC teams rosters at the moment to see how many Seniors will be going. I'll also do McS, GSU, WKU and maybe one or two others. If you are interested, look for the thread that will be "Retirement Homes" :wink:

Try 690 miles! come on Geaux you live in Baton Rouge you know Chatt is alot farther than 300 miles. took the trip on a bus! 12 HOURS!! but I know Griz fans would do the same for their team! WKU is a Basketball school YUCK!!!!
Yeah...that's what I meant. But my beaf isn't with the McFans...so I didn't do my research on the exact milage there. MY Bad.

It's still 4 times farther for Griz fans.... :wink:

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