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EWU Evacuates Campus-Bogus Bomb Scare


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Check this out

What a job to evacuate the entire campus! What a bunch of freaks out there--getting their jollies off of phoning in a fake bomb scare. :eek:
Word in Spokane is that some students didn't want to take an exam!!
They evacuated over 9,000 people from Cheney and closed the Spokane campus also. Why didn't we ever think of such tom-foolery while we were at the U. (of course we wouldn't include the reference to the terrorists!) :evil:
In this day an age of terroism that's beyond stupid. I hope they were dumb enough to call from their cell phone or home phone.
You are so right!! :x

They had FBI agents scouring the campus and everything. Had to push back athletic practices as well.
No they got it all wrong. The real BOMB will be this weekend. A 60 yarder to Levander for a TOUCHDOWN!!! :D :D
I think that there will be more than one of those 60 yarders. More than one bro'. GO GRIZ!!!