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Even in loss.....


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I really think that our O is starting to click. Even though we lost....I think we all feel really good about where the O has progressed. I think they will continue to do so......and that has got to strike fear into the rest of our opponets.

I what to take it even a step further......at the risk of sounding like a candy coater......I think the Loss was the best thing for this team right now. :eek: I just have a feeling that a loss like that will change the rest of the year......in a good way. I mean, the pressure is on now. (as if it wasn't b4) These coaches for the first time realize.....hey man, we can't lose any more games if we want to accomplish our goals.

I think they will start to go after it with more than everything they have. Everygame is a Championship from here on out. I think that we will see less conservitism on both O and D. I have a feeling the Kids will play with more heart than they thought they ever could. And I think our best football is still ahead. Do not underestimate the heart of a Champion.

But if all of that is not enough...and we still lose a game or two.....big deal. Life goes on. We need to realize that all the teams in the BSC have become very good as a result of chasing us for so long. One or two loses aren't the end of the world......And against this league, is to be expected....even from the best teams.
A tough loss to swallow, and even though the secondary had a rough afternoon, I was more disappointed with the turnovers. Take away those TO's, and the Griz may well have been up by 10-14 at the end of regulation. Bobby pretty much said it best last week. To have 4 TO's should kill you. Last week we got away with it. This week we found out how they kill you. But I think it should be awfully encouraging to finally see the offensive potential of this team. Take care of the TO's, and I certainly have to like the teams chances if they can provide the same offensive production that was displayed yesterday towards the remainder of their schedule.

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