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eGriz.com Contest *Vote Now*

What group is your favorite caption in?

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  • 6-10

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  • 11-15

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  • 16-20

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  • 21-26

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Hello, the submissions are in and ready to be voted on!!

Please go to http://www.egriz.com/contest.htm and read all the captions. Look at the number next to your favorite caption and then select that number in the poll above. Thanks for playing, Chris

P.S. The winner gets a "Bear Your Soul" shirt designed by Tim Joyner

To start off the voting, you have to vote for the group in which your favorote captions falls in. For example, if your favorite caption is 7, you would vote for the second group (6-10)

First voting session (group) Poll will be up till Wednesday at Midnight

We will then narrow it down to the best caption

Let's get a ton of votes!!!!!
Ok, say 10 people all like ONE caption in a group, but no other in that group. That group gets 10 votes. In another group, each caption is liked by 3 people each, that group gets 15 votes. The more popular caption doesnt make the cut?
Hi Chris.
Can you vote millions of times for your favorite(s) or have you limited it to one time per person?
c'mon, i know there are more than 22 people that come on this board, heck, there is more than that using it right now!!


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