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For all that argued that Edwards was the best to suit up as a Griz Qb............PUH LEASE!!!!!

He, is the reason that both streaks feel apart. You could never say that about super Dave. Sorry. He has sucked the last three weeks.
Oh come on....you know who you were that said Edwards is the best to suit up at QB for the Griz........come tell me what you think now..... :roll:
I'm not going to slam a particular player. I don't like to do that. I'll let you guys do that. But I do feel that Neil deserved better than he received this year from the coaching staff. What a senior year to remember, when the starting quarterback is having the worst day of his life, they still ignore you. You gotta really feel for the guy. I'll bet when he came here he thought he'd get a better shot. It makes me question the wisdom of the coaches to be so stubborn that you ride a horse till it's dead instead of mounting your spare. Kudos to Mr. Neil for patiently training all year for the chance he never got. He is a star in my book for that.

By the way, I must compliment our punter for the highlite of the game. A 70 yard punt that barely made it into the end zone and still netted 51 yards. If our player could have gotten there just a split second sooner, it might have been downed on the 2.
Ronbo...I'm not slamming Edwards....I think he has had a good career at um,. I am slamming those MO RONS that were claiming that he was the best QB at UM. Were you one of those guys? :wink: