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Eat crow Ge-aux, Eat crow!

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I still wish I knew why I am suppose to eat crow....

I predicted the Griz to win 38-24

Ronbo predicted Griz win 34-27

Help me ronda, help help me ronda....help me ronda yeah....Help me eat some crow. (or atleast why you think I am the one that needs to.) :lol:
I'll tell ya why, Geaux Geaux. It's because you attempt to play both sides of the fence. You will strongly criticize the Griz in one post, then jump on the sugar-coating bandwagon when the heat gets turned up. You're a front-runner. Ever think of a career in politics? It's thinly-veiled, and easy to see through. I don't have any love for Rainbow, who I think is the most reactionary, sugar-coated poster on this board (well, next to lumberbroker, who wants to fight every poster he doesn't agree with). However, at least these two guys have the guts to wear their loyalty on their sleeve!

You're always taking shots at me on both boards, then basically state the same criticsms I made in some of your other posts. I know this is gonna shatter that big craw-fish-tail-suckin ego you have....but it's the truth! I'm with Rainbow on this one!
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