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Don't stop now


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Don't be too quick to let this pass.

We should all send a note of thanks to those who voted to block the confirmation.....just so they know we won't forget who our friends are.

It might also serve as a reminder that we're still here in case there is a procedural "end run" attempt.
statler & waldorf said:
Good point. Who are the '26' we can heap praise on? BW?
http://laws.leg.mt.gov/legprd/LAW0211W$BLAC.VoteTabulation?P_VOTE_SEQ=S1287&P_SESS=20131" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Make sure you thank these great people!!!!!!

Voted NO (26)
N Arntzen, Elsie (Billings)
N Arthun, Ron (Wilsa)
N Barrett, Debby (Dillon)
N Boulanger, Scott (Darby)
N Brenden, John (Scobey)
N Brown, Taylor (Huntley)
N Buttrey, Edward (Great Falls)
N Essmann, Jeff (Billings)
N Fielder, Jennifer (Thompson Falls)
N Jones, Llew (Conrad)
N Lewis, Dave (Helena)
N Moore, Frederick (Eric) (Miles City)
N Murphy, Terry (Cardwell)
N Olson, Alan (Roundup)
N Priest, Jason (Red Lodge)
N Ripley, Rick (Wolf Creek)
N Rosendale, Matthew (Glendive)
N Sales, Scott (Bozeman)
N Sonju, Jon (Kalispell)
N Taylor, Janna (Rollins)
N Thomas, Fred (Hamilton)
N Tutvedt, Bruce (Whitefish)
N Walker, Edward (Billings)
N Webb, Roger (Billings)
N Wittich, Art (Bozeman)
N Vincent, Chas (Kalispell)

Y Facey, Tom
Y Tropila, Mitch
Y Augare, Shannon
Y Hamlett, Bradley
Y Peterson, Jim
Y Van Dyk, Kendall
Y Barrett, Dick
Y Phillips, Mike
Y Blewett, Anders
Y Jent, Larry
Y Vuckovich, Gene
Y Jergeson, Greg
Y Wanzenried, David
Y Kaufmann, Christine
Y Brown, Dee
Y Keane, Jim
Y Sesso, Jon
Y Windy Boy, Jonathan
Y Larsen, Cliff
Y Caferro, Mary
Y Stewart-Peregoy, Sharon
Y Driscoll, Robyn
Y Malek, Sue

E Jackson, Verdell

Thanks Brint
If you like what was done.... Contact these legislators and thank them...