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Dont go to 1A.


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One of my favorite things about the Griz is that a lot of the team are Montana boys. If we move to 1A to compete with the bigger schools that will be the first thing we lose. I know we are big for a 1-AA team (12,600 students), but this is the emrollment at some of the schools in divisions we might be in if we moved to 1A, Colorado-Big 12 (28,644), San Jose State-WAC (30,366), San Diego State-Mountain West (31,642). I think it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than the other way around. I want to always see kids from Anaconda, Butte, Hamilton, Libby, etc. on our team instead of an entire team of out of state kids just so we can win games. Please don't go Griz.
Good point. I don't want to go either. To me the greatest part of 1-AA is the playoffs! Win or go home! It's awesome.

Plus it gives you a feeling of state pride when the boys from MT whip them southern teams that think they are the stuff.....

No matter what div. we are....we will not get kids to come to UM who are also being recuited by Pac ten schools.... so why not stay 1-aa?
For all of you that insist on having a Montana school play 1-A football, why don't we move the "Cat's" to 1-A!

They, and their fans, are used to loosing anyway! :evil:
The best part of the football season are the playoff games, but that would all be lost if we were to go 1-A. Think about it Griz fans, these playoff games bring a new intensity to players and fans alike!!! How many of these pro 1-A people would like to see all december games in Wash Griz eliminated??? Think about it!!!

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