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Does anyone remember those.........


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Griz CAT shirts from the early 90's that had the years of experience in breeding the cats? Those were hilarious, I would love to see that shirt again and updated to reflect our complete dominance of MSU.

If anyone has one and owns a digital camera, I would love to see that shirt again. I'll would almost bet that Good God owns one!!
I did.. but I either wore it out... or puked on it... can't be sure which.

Mine had a picture of a mauled Bobcat (just ripped to shreds) with a large Grizzly standing over it... saying... "Here Kitty Kitty"...

I bought it off some dude in Stocks... traded him shirts right then and there.. of course that was before I went through the front window in a brawl... but thats another story.. :wink:
I knew it!! :lol:
I seem to remember a huge brawl one night at Stocks where someone went through the window, was that Bobcat-Griz weekend? They all seemed to flow together back in the day!

Someone has to still have one around! :x
My 'brawl' occured start of junior year (91?) the day before we all paid for classes, books, etc.

Wasn't a huge thing.. some guy took ten bucks that was sitting in front of me while I sat at the bar. I 'took issue' with that and was thrown out. Then his buddies decided to come inquire as to what 'my' problem was. I let them know the scoop and before I knew it I was taking on a few guys, and somehow, two of us got pushed back and fell through the front window in front of the pool table. I got a very nice/deep cut on my elbow. I threw one last punch and then hi-tailed it out just before the cops showed up.

They had to pay for the window, I didn't! :lol: I didn't show my face in Stocks for about 2 months after that. And when I did, first thing the bartender (Tommy) says to me is... "Hey, weren't you the guy who went through the window?" I smiled, and he bought all my drinks that night... :wink: OH, How I miss those days... lol.

But I digress... sorry I don't have one of those T-shirts any longer. I've seen a new one on a couple of students. Black- Long sleeve, big Silver Griz paw on the back... and on the back it says... "Yer Fuct" Not sure what is says on the front. Very cool indeed.