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Didn't want to get lost in the big thread on game updates


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Geaux - FYI on one of our "suspect" wins

The University at Albany is 5-3 and 2nd in thier conference - they are a 1AA non-scholarship program and they are ranked # 7 in the nation by the Sports Network in the "Mid-Major" category. The #1 mid major Duquense is ranked #33 in the nation for 1AA. Do the obviosu extrapolations and Albany prolly ranks in the top 50 or so in 1AA. So some of those non-scholariship programs are pretty darn good. Albany was not on the same level as the Griz, but they are a very good football team make no bones about it.

Don't suffer pangs of guilt about the magical season the Griz are having this year that I see some of my fellow Griz fans fall prey to after listening to the gloom and doomers that populate so many of these webboards. The pessimist patrol will tell you that we don't have a great team and are lucky to be where we are. They will tell you why Edwards shouldn't even be starting, they will tell you the 4th string scout team running back should be starting at wide receiver. They will tell you we can/should/might/will lose to every team we face every week. They will tell you we are coasting and not scheduling tough games against quality opponents. They will argue with you that even though we just keep putting up W's that we should be doing this or that and that we were lucky to get this win or that win. They will get down on the boys during the game and yell insults and obscenities at them just because they had one bad play compared to the 100 they had before that. They will fail to be unflagging in their support of the team when things look grim. Just last night while watching the nail biter m very own father called me a cockeyed optimist. Why? Well when we got the ball with 2:51 and I turned to him and said here we go - you can put it in the books we are going to win right here right now. I'll admit to needing the defibrulator after that juggled near interception and some rolaids after the game but it sure was fun to watch wasn't it?? After the game was over and we were reliving the glorious moments and dicussing the "ahem" poor officiating, he thanked me for willing the Griz to another win on my good vibes alone! (*snicker* Man if I have that talent we will never lose another game!)

My memory isn't so short that I don't remember the "glory days" of Dickenson days when people squawked that we were done when all he did was bring us from behind all those years ago. We played a lot of nail biters in those days too - heck we did have to kick a field goal in the final minutes to win that first national championship as I recall. So keep the faith and remember, good teams just win, and wins like Saturday make you better teams because only in great adversity do you find your true strengths!

You don't get to 8-0 without being a very good team. Can the Griz play better than they did last night? Absolutely - but just remember this - we are only starting 4 seniors this year. We have a young team and young teams will make errors now and then. (Just imagine how good these kids will be in the next 2 to 3 years as many are freshman and sophmores!Sure we lose arguably one of the better QB's to lace em up for the Griz in Edwards, but the future looks so bright I gotta wear shades!)

But for now , I am perfectly happy with our "lucky" wins. It's a big cliche but winners really do make their own luck. Last year and this year I see great TEAMS not great individuals. Yes we have outstanding talent but every week someone new seems to come to the forefront and be the star. That's a team - old quote from Knute Rockne (If you don't know who Knute Rockne is just close your browser now and visit another football board until you do!)

"The secret of winning football games is working more as a team, less as individuals. I play not my 11 best, but my best 11. "

That sounds like something ole Cotton Eyed Joe Glenn would say about his team.

And one more quote just cuz I like to post 'em

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
--Thomas Jefferson

Sorry to go on so long and rant about this, but I feel as a cock-eyed optimist I have to spread the gospel according to ME! And don't get me wrong Geaux - I have read your posts and I don't think your a gloom and doomer - I just want to convert you to my way of thinkin!

I've been trying all season to get Geaux to 'keep on the sunny side'... its a tough battle. :wink:

I think with a little more like you around he'll come around. It's tough on the man being as far away as he is and not being able to be screamin his guts out at the home games like many of the rest of us.

The glass IS half full..
:roll: :-? :roll: :-? :roll: :-?

May I please ask waht the HELL you three are talking about????????

I have never gloom or doomed the Griz......I always feel the Griz will win......I knew as much as anyone that we would pull it off in Portland, even in the last minutes.....I have never doubted the Griz and thier chances of winning.......

What the cracker are you talking about............?

I Have said that Edwards is no where near DD as far as talent....but I have also said that I like JE.......So how does that have anything to do with your post????????

My post about God being a Griz fan is Optimistic...... I think that the Griz have won a few games, during this streak, that they should not have won. Take the Sac. ST. game and this last game. Both required some funky thing to happen to allow the Griz to win.

You call it luck.....I realize there is no such thing as luck. But, I just have a feeling that the Griz will win. They are the cliche "Team of Destiny."

Win or lose.....I promise that you will not find a more devote or loyal Griz fan than yours truely! I was a Griz fan when they played at Dornblaser as much as I am now. Not many of you can claim that, at least not honestly......I am a Griz for life...win, lose, or draw!

I do try to see things through the scope of reality. I am not blinded by maroon colored glasses. I will never be one of the senseless fans that think that if we played Miami that we should win. Come on!

I also have respect for the teams in the Big Sky. I think that any team in the Big sky could beat the Griz on ....well.... "any given Saturday." But if you are questioning if I think they will, you should check out the previous posts that I have given my predictions for the up coming game..... I think my prediction for the PSU game was 45-10 Griz.....but don't take my word for it....go check it out. Looking back on the game, would you call that a pessimisstic prediction, or even a realistic prediction????????????

As for the "suspect" wins.......and the stuff about Albany. I have no Idea what you are referring to....... or is it the reefer that inspired(pun) you on that one? :wink:

"And don't get me wrong Geaux - I have read your posts and I don't think your a gloom and doomer - I just want to convert you to my way of thinkin!"

I was not inferring you are a gloom and doomer Geaux - I just didn't want you to listen to some of the gloom and doomers on these boards and fall to the dark side! *snicker*
Trust me.......I am not easily swayed. I think I have done enough reseacher to know what I believe and why. I am not like Konbi-ran-shan-fu-man-shu....I do not post a bunch of spew. The stuff I write has an idea behind it....and usually :roll: an educated idea behind it. You may not like it.....but that does not change the validity of the opinion.

The glass is at 50% of it's capacity. :lol:

I still would like to know why you addressed me about the Albany thing......I looked through my posts and could not find anything dealing with that......
You are right UPWIMT, good teams find away to win. I think we could have won by more, if it were not for some questionable penalty calls & maybe some different play calling & perhaps a touchdown that was not called a touchdown. Are other teams close to the Griz? Perhaps, but the Griz seem to find a way to win.
My bad Geaux - it was TxGriz

You and he both have pics of bears and I had never seen his moniker just yours - very similar looking and especially when my browser window is a tad smaller than full frame of this I saw bear and a name ending in xgriz and WRONGFULLY assumed it was you!

The quote I was referring to was:

Txgriz said:

At the back of my mind, I thought the Griz record this year was suspect due to their schedule (isn't Albany an all walk-on program?), but their performance last night has shown them to be worthy contenders and they deserve every bit of it.


My bad! In order to make up for my error I shall go home and immediately drink the whole bottle of tabasco sauce!
Ok.....I thought I was going crazy there for a second! Thanks for clearing that up. :wink:

I'll look for a new pic! And I might still complain about some of the play calling, and the incosistancy of Edwards pasing ability. But I'll still support the Griz and still believe that I will be in Chattanooga on Dec. 20.

Maybe you can come down to the south then too. We will drink bottles of tobassco together. :D
I'd be happy to share a bottle of something other than tobasco wehn I see you on the choo choo Geaux! Still have my bags packed from last year!
Hey Geaux...when I complemented UPWIMT about the great post I was reffering to his statements about how it always takes some "luck" to win so many games in a row....not anything about his response to you or anyone else for that matter. It just struck me as a good positive post with a lot of valid points.
The "suspect" comment was from some random thoughts I had from a distance as I watched the Grizzlies season unfold this year. I didn't write it until some time after I talked with a former Griz football player and UM alumni who supports the school in all ways possible, attending games and contributing financial support to the school, as I have done and will continue to do. I was voicing my concern about the upcoming game at PSU and that was soemthing he mentioned, although he was sure the Griz would win. He commented that the schedule wasn't as tough this year and I echoed his thoughts.

I meant no harm, only to provide context for the main point of my post that they proved me wrong and resoundingly so. I think the thrust of my post was to say what a huge heart this team has to overcome the challenge at PSU. I was really anxious about this game, as I thought the league championship would hinge on it, as well as the home field advantage through the playoffs.

It is hard to write these words in a way that someone will read them as you meant them.