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Did Cats gouge Griz fans?

Sportin' Life

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I had posted this as a sidebar in another topic, but I would really like to know. The tickets I had cost $31.00, which was face value. But other tickets that I saw had a face value of between $7 and $9. The only place I saw $31 tickets was for Griz fans sitting underneath the only scoreboard in the end zone.

Have other away teams had to pay $31 to see their team play the Cats?

Were any tickets in Cats sections $31?

If the Cats did gouge the Griz, can Grizzly athletics return the favor next year?
I believe season ticket holders would have had lower prices listed on their tickets... I bought a couple extra tickets in Sec. 113 and they cost $31 just like yours. MSU "gouged" everyone, not just the Griz.
So everyone had to pay $31?

Alright, if that is so, then that is cool...I just didn't want to hear that extra tickets were sold at a lower price in Bozeman. I wasn't really complaining about the actual price, but that it looked like things were fishy.

But I do admit...$31 for anything in that stadium is steep. For that price you would think they would at least hire enough ticket checkers to let people in to the game on time, and possibly enough security.

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