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Delusional Cat Fan!


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I found this on Bobcatnation.com. I just wanted to see where they're heads were. I chuckled a bit:

How to beat the griz this weekend ...

by 4thecats on Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:06 am

So Cat griz is a crazy game no matter how good or bad the teams are.

Both teams will be fired up (I Hope) and ready to play.

So what are your thoughts on the keys to a victory this weekend?

Here is mine:

1) blitz the piss out of JJ. ..I know this probably won't happen because we tend to not blitz much, but JJ is limited in weapons, if we pressure him early I think he will get rattled and struggle.

2) respect Henderson's deep threat! Keep him in front of you, because they will go deep to him all game. We better know it is coming.

3) look for cam warren catching the short ball in the flats.

I sure wish JJ had some weapons! :lol:
Hahah with Henderson, warren, van, Canada all playing this week. I'm not sure they can double hendo. They love running van out of the backfield on the wheel route. Also I bet we see some read option this week. They have been practicing it and really have not seen many in games
Henderson, Warren, Jones, Pierson, Canada, Van, Nguyen...we're definitely a one-trick pony.
Sell out on Henderson I say.
big kahuna said:
I hope Ash reads Bobcat Nation for advice.

I was just thinking the same thing. Excellent advice. Only thing they might have been right on was the part about Cam Warren.