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Defensive Backs

Trey Young and Johnny Peeples are the only ones leaving.

The others you watched this year will be playing. One of Hauck's recruiting goals I believe is to get another corner back. Plus, I hope the safety Mookie Forman doesn't go somewhere else because of the coaching change. He should be the first one called by the new coaches.
I really believe Joe Glenn's staff addressed this in the last recruiting season. Since Joe redshirted his entire freshman class, these guys should be ready to step in next year. I haven't kept up with the players Glenn signed last year but I haven't heard that any of these guys did not make it onto the team:

Jelani Gamba: 6-3, 180, safety, Cypress HS, Cypress CA
Joshua Johnson: 6-2, 170, CB, Hamilton County HS, Jasper, FL
Brandon Robinson, 6-0, 175, CB, Hamilton County HS, Jasper, FL
Michael Rubie: 5-10, 180, CB, Cerritos HS, Cerritos CA

Also, Kendall Selle played nickel back in the McNeese game and Tyler Thomas played some as a redshirt frosh this year. They listed Shane Harris as a JC safety on last year's recruiting list but I don't know what his story is.

Edit: These players all show up on the MontanaGrizzlies.com website except for Brandon Robinson.
Someone who watched a lot of practices indicated that Rubie is going to be a good one at corner. Every season I think there is no way we can replace that amazing safety who is graduating and every year I am happier than a Griz in the garbage dumpster iver who steps in to fill his shoes!

Young - Huntsberger - etc etc etc
I was impressed with Joshua Johnson.
But we'll see better what they're made of this spring as they'll be
getting way more reps.
In addition, don't be surprized to see the coaches bring in a JC transfer at corner and perhaps 2 hs corners as well....maybe.
i agree with you that they need help at corner right away, but from what i hear, bob is wanting to get away from jc transfers and concentrate on hs recruits.
Yes, Grizmonterossi, Bob did say he wants a program build on freshman talent. I agree with you 100% there. But he did state that he will supplement JC and 1A transfers where needed.

With 2 or 3 red shirt freshman CB's, one junior CB (Vernon Smith), and a sophomore walkon (Andy Koyama) CB coming back next year, I believe Bob will add a transfer CB with more experience.