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This was a banner day for the defense! They had to defend 4 turnovers by the offense and still came only 13 seconds from pitching a shutout.

They held the Big Sky Conferences leading rushing team to just 78 yards rushing.

I am still concerned with the pass defense. There were a couple blown calls on them.
Don't you just love how all of these teams come in saying how they think they can run against the Griz. You can't run against these boys. How about the game Ciche had? Been through two injuries and came out with his hair on fire. He was the player of the game for the Eagle Sports Network, for what thats worth. Great job by the defense.
The defesne did incredible today, but I think that the low rushing total may be a little deceiving. Weber ran the ball fairly well, and had quite a few five yard runs. The defense still did great, but they can't let the opposing offense get into 2-short, 3-short week in week out. THis is just my opinion. I still say the defense had a hell of a game.