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DD article in Sporting News

Sportin' Life

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I am fairly religious about checking this site for references to everyone's favorite former Griz, but I missed this Dave Kindred article. If any of you missed it too, here it is:


Its a pretty good read. He deserves some luck, because his skill is getting him nowhere seems to be the point.
Man, that just hacks me off. I hate that DD ain't gettin his shot!

I remember watching that Dolphins game....and I remember watchin as Lucas went out, and I thought...OK~! It's Dave's turn!!!! I was sooo excited, only to have my excitment turn to rage as some flukey named Rosenfels runs onto the field!

I can only imagine how Dave musta felt at that point. I know that this other guy had more time in that Offense....but COME ON!@@$#^$%*