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Dance Team (and Band) Kick Ass in San Jose


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The dance team was again the talk of the tourney in San Jose, just like they were in Albuquerque last year. Performed well, looked great, and had a terrific halftime performance. Better than the dancers/cheer squads of the other 7 schools. Non UM fans were asking people who were standing to sit down, so that they could watch the dancers during their halftime performance.

The band did well too. Good music, and very vocal and funny, especially during the opposing team's free throws. With the crowd thinning as the game went on, it was easy to hear the band in the seating on their end. As the game went on, the band developed a decent following of non-UM fans who were near enough to hear and enjoy them.
maybe trutv shoulda just left the cameras on them, televised during game breaks and commercials during the game...