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Cubbies #2 in 1AA attendance

Wrong. They played only 5 games according to that report...that drops them way back. We win....again.
Well I do hope them Cubbies beat the Jarheads, but win again? If you win this week, you is on a one game winning streak! :lol:
Hear that...and these are the ones that count. Tough draw for the puckie patrol. You need to get a ringer in the committee..."it's all who you know". Good Luck!
Yah... Yale only beats Montana in AVERAGE ATT. not TOTAL ATT. To put it in perspective chickenmon, would you rather AVERAGE $23578 on 5 paychecks a year for an annual salary of $117891 or have 7 paychecks for yearly salary of $163532? I thought so. By the way I would not be so concerned about the Griz chances against the Gateway as I fully expect them skinny dogs to be sending them Hens home for the holidays.
Liv.... but I'd be a bettin that you also fully expected them Cubbies to be a sendin those bear humpin Cats home for their turkey dinners as well. :wink: You was wrong then and you is wrong now, the Roosters will be a crowin loud and long come this Saturday night. :lol: But, I do hope them Cubbies take of business vs those Jarheads, cause I is rootin for a Rooster/Cubbie matchup in

I was hoping for a McNeese/MT final because of their great fans, but the Hens should also be great. Your team does worry me more than McNeese and with last years rercruiting you are only going to get better. As for your fans, I really dont know much about them except to say Tony Moss feels you have the best atmosphere in 1AA east of Mississippi. Wait, this is the smack board. Hens are going to lay an egg. How's that for smack. Good luck this week, I hope all the Ill teams go down.
I expect the Cubbies and Roosters to cut the Gateway field in half and I'm hoping for that MSU crew to upset UNI and make the GW's 3/4's gone!
Come on guys, Whore Knat and Wildpussie know everything, and they say Pussies in Chattanooga. Sorry Chickenman. Wish it weren't true, but you can't argue with the genius prognosticators from BozAngeles. I wonder what five games they predicted they'd lose this year?