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CU Ochs to UM!!!!!!!!!


Word out out of Boulder is that CU's QB Craig Ochs is heading to GRIZLAND!!!! This is coming from a alum of CU( went to UM frosh year and grew up in Blgs.) and season ticket holder. This will answer many questions in the up in coming years. He is tring for a medical redshirt this year, he also has a regular redshirt year. It doesn't matter however as he is going from I-A to I-AA. He has already withdrawn from CU. This is a bummer to my BUFFS but a welcome and BIG addition to the GRIZ!!!!

Go GRIZ!!!

Colorado quarterback Ochs requests transfer to Montana

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) -- Colorado quarterback Craig Ochs, who announced Monday he won't play again this season after suffering his third concussion in a year, is requesting a transfer to Montana.

Colorado head coach Gary Barnett told The Associated Press Wednesday that Montana had asked him for a release, which would allow Ochs to play elsewhere.

Barnett has said repeatedly he would not stand in the way of a player who wants to transfer.

Montana coach Joe Glenn did not return telephone calls. No telephone number was available for Ochs.

Ochs suffered his third concussion in the past year on Sept. 7. He has missed the last two games.

In an announcement that stunned Barnett and offensive coordinator Shawn Watson, Ochs said Monday he was withdrawing as a student and was relinquishing his athletic scholarship, and also was applying for a medical waiver redshirt for the 2002 season.

While insisting that extensive medical tests were normal, Ochs said in a statement he wanted to ``re-evaluate my options for returning to play football next season.''

The reevaluation process apparently didn't take long.

Barnett received the release request from Montana during Wednesday's practice.

``They are asking us to waive a one-year residency requirement. What it basically means is he wants to transfer to Montana,'' Barnett told The Associated Press.

``The release gives permission for a player to talk to another school and receive a scholarship from that school.''

It wasn't known if Ochs was interested in transferring to any schools other than Montana.

Ochs, a junior who has started since his freshman year, would have two years of eligibility remaining and could resume play in 2003 without sitting out a year because Montana is a Division I-AA school.

Glenn, who coached Northern Colorado to two Division II national championships, has guided Montana to the Division I-AA championship game the past two seasons, winning the title last year.

Glenn led Montana to a 28-3 record the last two seasons, and the Grizzlies are 4-0 this year.

Ochs, one of Colorado's four captains, reportedly has told some ex-teammates he was unhappy at not regaining his starting job last season after he recovered from two concussions and a sprained ankle. He also didn't like an increased emphasis on the running game.
The news is all over this... was on KPAX last night and in the missoulian this a.m.

As of this a.m. it hasn't been announced, but it seems like he's going to be on his way. He'll have 2 years left to play with the Griz if he comes here.

Hope he's not disappointed in our balanced passing/running game. Maybe this will be the key we need to get back into the air more?! I don't know him from Adam, as they say, but I hope he has some patience if he is put in the position to first have to prove himself instead of thinking he's the heir apparant to the starting position and can just walk into the number 1 spot.

What's the status of Jeff Disney anyway... don't hear anything about him at all. This should give him plenty of reason to rise to the top of his game.

Dang, more power to the GRIZ! I love it!
Here is a site with pretty good info on Craig. Looks pretty decent.

Jeff Disney is red shirting this year. Him and Oches should have good healthy competition for the starting quarterback position along with Justin Hartman who is gray shirting. I predict though that Justin Hartman could red shirt, and Oches I believe I read somewhere also has a red shirt year available. Brad Selle will also be competing for the quarterback position but what I have seen of him doesn't really excite to much. But Disney does have a good spiral which I haven't seen since Drew Miller left. Quite a bit better spiral than either John Edwards and Brandon Neill.

Of the quarterbacks that we do have, Selle may have the knowledge of the offense which may be an advantage for him. Plus, he just may get the benefit of the doubt with the Joe Glenn. Joe doesn't seem to turn 1A transfers away, but it seems 1A transfers have a big disadvantage over players that he recruited. Witness, John Edwards starting over Brandon Neill. Whoops, starting another quarterback controversy. Also, both Gober and Waller being ahead of Jelani Harrison. I think it should be Gober, Harrison, and then Waller. But what do you expect from an arm chair coach.

So starting next year, if Selle starts we could be again arguing on which quarterback we should be starting. Or if Disney starts, we'll be arguing that Oches should start, or if Oches starts, Selle or Disney should be starting, etc. To many quarterbacks can make things difficult.
The starting job will go to either Ochs or Disney. Selle will be moved to Safety (btw his name is Kendall). Unsure about 3rd spot. :wink:
Our program is getting disrespected pretty badly by the CU folk who think that Ochs is making a big mistake... read some of the comments titled "Montana??" at the ESPN message board below.


I tried to set them straight, but it seems that the resentment towards Ochs right now is pretty high. To be expected I suppose...

One true fan from Buff Nation and I've been told and think also is it's Coach Barnett/off. cord. Watson. They have treated Ochs badly since the Fresno loss last year. Barnett blamed Ochs outright in his conference. Barnett took none. Please!! Barnett is the main reason for the 2-2 record now. This is all CU's loss. Ochs was born a BUFF! His dream was to attend CU. There is more to this than just Ochs.


Hey Koz...what's the word with Och's head? I suppose I know that nobody really knows how the next concussion will affect anyone, but what has been the feeling coming out of Boulder...do folks think he wil be alright, or not? Do you think he can last a season, or do you think it is a better idea for him to hang it up?

BTW, at least Colorado is doing better than UW...just think, your school could be paying Neuheisel 2 mil a year :eek:
Sportin' life:

Ochs has been cleared medically for his head. With the system at UM he will do fine. And "no" he shouldn't hang it up. Stats show 1 in 6 football players suffer a concusion sometime during the season. This will most likely be something great for the Griz. I smell at least 1, maybe 2 national titles with Ochs coming to Grizland. This could also mean that Coach Glen my not be as tempted to leave UM. Which I've heard and posted on another site that Wyoming already is talking about him possibly coming there. Go GRIZ!!!!

There is a big differance between when Glenn left NCU for U O M, and if Glenn leaves U of M for Wyoming. That differance is that he went from a school with a winning tradition to a school with a winning tradition. If he leaves U of M he'll be going from a school with a winning tradition, the U of M, to a faltering school who's glory days were in the 60s and you, and you can't even see those days in the rearview mirror at Wyoming.

If Glenn is content with going Dennehy's route... higher paid, bigger division, in a school that potentially will strugle to hit .500, then go for it Joe!
Sportin' Life said:
BTW, at least Colorado is doing better than UW...just think, your school could be paying Neuheisel 2 mil a year :eek:

Colorado doing better than UW? Um, no. Neuheisel at Washington has been much better than Barnett at Colorado. Since Neuheisel took over at Washington, they are 29-11 while Barnett is 22-18 at CU. Neuheisel has never finished lower than 2nd place in the Pac-10 since taking over at Washington and is 2-0 vs. Barnett and the Buffs. It isn't even close.
I believe the plan was to redshirt Hartman after his grayshirt, so he would have four years of elegibility after Disney (or Ochs.)