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First, I'll give anyone 'props' if they know what the word means :lol:

Secondly, my "problem" is this.

I just received in the mail my old South End Zone seat tickets! I know for a fact that I did cancel them, did not pay for them, yet here they are.

I've been trying to call the box office to see what they to do. They'll either tell me "ooops, tear them up, we've sold them to someone else" or "our records show you bought them, they're yours to keep".

So... my 'conundrum' would be.. do I actually call the box office and try and figure it out, or should I sell them ASAP to the highest bidder and make some money, and let the dude who bought them from me fight with the guy who bought them from the box office??

I'm sure I could make some bucks off the sale...

Those who know me know I'll probably pull a Spike Lee and "Do the right thing", but the temptation is there...

Ahhh, the smell of money... :wink:
Had somehting similar happen myself. Just received playoff tickets in the mail, even though when I applied to transfer from the SEZ to NEZ I was told pre-purchasing playoff tickets wasn't an option. I called the the ticket office to see what happened........they're not sure why I got them, but they assured me that they have been paid for. My credit card has also been charged for them (although I never authorized it). Seems that my card number may be on file with the Griztix. :-?

My advice, check your credit card to see if you paid for them (unknowingly), before you call the office.


\Co*nun"drum\, n. [Origin unknown.] 1. A kind of riddle based upon some fanciful or fantastic resemblance between things quite unlike; a puzzling question, of which the answer is or involves a pun.

Or pun ambiguous, or conundrum quaint. --J. Philips.

2. A question to which only a conjectural answer can be made.

Do you think life is long enough to let me speculate on conundrums like that? --W. Black.
I guess I'm an honest fellow...

I called the box office, was put on hold for 30 minutes (of which I spent surfing eGriz!) and finally spoke to someone.

Seems that athletics mistakenly marked both as paid, so they sent them both. The gal, very nice and helpful, thanked me for my honesty and told me that I could have easily kept/sold them and no one would have known the difference.

Shiat! Oh well, I'll let you guys know what Heaven is like when I get there. :angel:
GGG. I don't know if you saw my post last week about not recieving my tickets but it had to do with the same situation. I was also transferring form SEZ to NEZ. I paid for my 4 tickets and they said to cancel my SEZ tickets when the invoice came. They didn't send me my tickets because they thought I wanted 8 tickets and I hadn't paid for all of them. Needless to say I got it straightened out and I now have my tickets in hand for NEZ. No wonder they sold 17000 season tickets if most of us got or were assigned twice what we wanted.

Second story from the top...this one says 17,500 season ticket holders...it has gotten huge in the past several years...

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