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Congrats to WIU

They did play a good game, and they were not too bad rubbing it in either, only # 1 was being an ass on his way up the tunnel, everyone else was taking the Griz fan's appluase and being classy. They were gracious in victory, and for all the shit that our opponents say about us fans, we were rather gracious in defeat.
Kudos to WIU. They HELD on to win. The QB was good, but then most QBs are going to be good with that much time to throw. I wouldnt be surrprised to see them in Nooga, but I wont be HOLDING my breath.
Hold on while I change subjects. I do hold, I mean hope at least 1 Big Sky teams wins. Ok enough holding, I mean whining. Good luck at Colgate.
congratulations to the Leathernecks for their hard won victory over the Griz. You have shown that the Gateway conference is one tough place. Overall,it was a relatively clean game on your part as we had several unsportsmanlike penalties. I thought that Hauk had that taken care of.
Good luck in the rest of the playoffs.

Good luck to the leathernecks. They came into Wa-Griz and played a hell of a game. That is no easy task. The Griz didn't play bad today, either..just the Leathernecks played a couple points better.
WIU is a good team with a great QB. In my opinion the difference in this game was their QB Michna. Without his numerous completions on third and long yardage this game would not have even been close. Give WIU credit for having one hell of a QB and knowing how to use him.

If Phenicie was WIU's offensive coordinator Griz may have won because they would have run more and had standard uninspired pass routes that wasted their QB's ability.