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Congrats from Maine


You folks have a lot of talent in your Griz, and it showed in Orono tonight. Special teams played a big key in your well-earned victory. If you play like that the rest of the season (and knock out some of the dumb mistakes, which my boys in blue also committed), I see another conference championship coming your way. Congratulations and good luck in the rest of the season.

The following are the post-game thoughts I posted on the Black Bear Forum. Here's the opposition's perspective:


While the usual post-game grumpiness prevailed after such a defeat, there is also reason for some optimism for UMaine football in 2003. Let's break it down:

On the field...

What's encouraging: The Black Hole is definitely back. Maine's D only allowed an average of 1.5 yards per play on the run. This defense also gave up 16 points to Montana, and it's hard to complain there. Also, you can't complain about Ron Whitcomb's passing performace (15 for 31, 188 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT), especially considering it's his very first college game. I said last year that it will be hard to follow Jake Eaton in the category of scrambling speed. Whitcomb will follow quite well.

What's discouraging: Whitcomb also fumbled the ball twice, one which went for a touchdown. Let's hope inexperience is a big part of this. A bigger concern is that Maine only converted on one third (6 for 18 ) of their third down plays.

What's inexcusable: Two things (actually, seven things):
*Joan Quezada's fumble on a fair catch with 13 minutes left. While one play never decides the game, THAT one really turned the momentum back to Montana.
*Six personal foul penalties. Those are gift penalties that totaled 90 yards. Enough said.

Off the field...

The Good: The whole doggone atmosphere. A total of 9,345 tickets were sold [stadium capacity is 8,500], and you could it was going to be a great place to be when we arrived three hours early, and traffic was already backed up on College Avenue. The thundersticks were a nice touch, and people were genuinely into the game (maybe not as much as the Montana fans, but no-one in I-AA is into the game as much as Griz fans). The fireworks shot off before big defensive plays was a very smart and nice move.

The Bad: TV timeouts. Good gravy, do they have to be THAT long? I'm happy to have CSTV in Orono, and I know they have bills to pay, but frequent two-minute breaks just plain kill the mood. At least [Bangor-based] WABI-TV's are a little bit shorter (or certainly seem like it).

The Inexcusable: Bananas [our mascot] was no-where to be seen in the second half. Monte, the Griz mascot, had all fans laughing his sideline and goal-post-crashing antics. Monte is what a college mascot should be. The good folks at APO should take a lesson from Monte, or turn the bear suit over to someone who will. (Boomer, the dragonesque Bangor Lumberjacks mascot, was there the entire game. Too bad arrangements couldn't be made for the guy in the Boomer suit to take over the Bananas suit.)

Looking ahead: As much hype as this game deserved, it wasn't a season maker or breaker. It was one non-conference game. A win over Hofstra next week is more needed than over Montana. Knock out some of these dumb mistakes, and I can see it happening.
Best of luck the rest of the season bainsey. Take the A10 from those blowhards from UMass and Delaware. Although I'm getting kind of attached to ol' ChickenMan.

Maybe we meet again this year? You think?
Bainsey, thanks for sharing your comments. It's nice to play a classy team with classy fans -- the minute the game was over, the Maine players were shaking hands with the Griz players -- that impresses me. I think both teams showed some first-game jitters and have some things to work on, but basically they are two solid programs. Your freshman QB is going to be a GOOD one!

Good luck to the Black Bears in the A-10 season.

Thanks for the kind words. Maine proved that they will represent the A-10, and I-AA very well by how they played.

I would be very proud of a team like the Black Bears, as I'm sure you are, and I see them getting into the post season. They are just too good not to be there. Good luck in the rest of your season my friend.
ronbo.... blowhards from Delaware??? :cry: now you gone and hurt my feelings. But don't get too puffed up with your win over Maine and MSU's loss to Wyoming. The Griz "D" and special teams won that game but the "O", and the running game in particular, need a lot of work. As for MSU, it appears from the stats that turnovers, 4 INTs and one fumble probably cost them the game. The Cats actually out gained the Cowboys by over 100 yards, but you can't beat anyone turning the ball over 5 times. I wouldn't write MSU off just yet.


You know we love you man. Actually most of you Delaware fans really remind me of us Griz fans. You have a large fan base of really knowlegeable fans that pack your stadium. And you have a team that is good year in and year out. MR CHICKEN is really annoying though.

I heard your recruiting class this year was outstanding Chicken Lickin, and you guys should be strong for years to come. We'll get a chance to see you guys again very soon. And I'm looking for a tough fight between us on the field and on the boards.

Good luck to your Great School this year too ol' ChickenMan.
ronbo.... thank you sir, UD did have a VERY good recruiting year, but it was tarnised a bit when the jewel of the class, a very highly rated QB out of PA signed to play MLB with the Twins. :( But it was still a good group and things are looking up. I do expect the Roosters to be where the Griz have already been in the next few years.
Congrats Griz fans on your teams' win. I was at the game, and it was a great night of top notch 1-AA football. Great representation by your fans (I would say about 500-600), and Monte was a riot. Having a program like Montana visit Orono will only help make Maine's program better. See you next season in Missoula!
Maine fans are the friendliest oppostition fans I have ever met. Period. I sat with my dad on the visitor's side right between the Maine and the Montana crowd, and the Maine fans we sat around were very complementary to our team. They'd talk with us throughout the game and even put up with me screaming my lungs out whenever the Griz were on D. And at the end of the game, the PA announcer was very classy in thanking all the Montana fans for coming and helping set the stadium record attendence. This really was a game that benefited both teams. Despite losing, Maine sold all those tickets and got an early test that'll prepare them for conference play next week. I really hope Maine wins the rest of their games this year, unless we meet again in December. Good luck Black Bears, even if football does take a backseat to hockey at your school.