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Commander In Chief


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I wonder if president Obama was a better Community Organizer, than he is as Commander in Chief.

And was he just Present as president of the Harvard Law Review.

It's a good thing that Kerry is falling on the sword, so president Obama and VP Biden can play golf

Prsident Filmore and Carter, Filmore from his grave and Jimmy Carter from Plains Georgia thank the Diety daily for finally putting Barack at the top of the list.
Once Britain bailed on Syria, Obama should just continue with the diplomatic pressure. This can only end bad if he gets his way and starts bombing things.....
There is no worse than NOBAMA... He's just trying to save face because (Thank GOD) he cant be re-elected...
Putin, the real Commander in Chief, saved the day, at least for the short term, Now, the Community Organizer, and president of the Harvard Law Review, and the Joker Biden and go play golf, and Susan Rice can spin more lies, and Kerry can try to wipe all the shit off himself, provided by president Obama.