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College Football's Most Dominant Player: ESPN


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Linked below is a good NY Times article on ESPN and television's increasingly influential role in college football. All quotes from article below.

[ESPN] is the undisputed leader, given its size, reach and single focus on sports. This season, ESPN channels will televise about 450 college games. ESPN’s closest competitor, Fox, will show 50 on various networks.

ESPN, under its contracts with conferences, has the right to set kickoff times and wait until 12 days before game day, or in some cases only six, to inform universities.

Every Monday morning during the season, ESPN’s football brain trust meets in a war room in Building 12 on the network’s sprawling campus in Bristol, Conn., to consider options for coming games and make sure the hottest teams get the choicest time slots on each of its channels. After decisions are made, calls go out across the country, setting off a scramble on dozens of campuses as universities arrange everything from parking to security to team transportation.

Before the mid-1980s, televised college football amounted to little more than one national game a week, along with a few regional telecasts, all controlled by the N.C.A.A. Then a Supreme Court antitrust ruling freed universities and conferences to negotiate their own TV deals.

Flush with those cable fees, ESPN has gone on one of the biggest shopping sprees in TV history, securing the rights to prime college football for the next decade and more. It spent $2.2 billion for SEC rights through the 2023-24 season and in May announced a 20-year agreement with the SEC that will include building the conference’s own television network. In a 12-year, $7.3 billion deal, ESPN gained the rights to the college football playoff, which begins after the 2014 regular season.

N.F.L. 2021 $15.2
College football playoffs 2026 7.3
M.L.B. 2021 5.6
N.B.A. 2016 3.9
Pacific-12* 2024 3.0
Big 12* 2025 2.5
SEC 2024 2.3
Big Ten 2017 1.0

http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/25/sports/ncaafootball/college-footballs-most-dominant-player-its-espn.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
...one can only imagine...
...the kick backz going on...
...behind the closed doors...

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