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Cole Morgan impressions?


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Somebody (I forgot who) on this board posted that they were going to the Ballard High game this weekend and post there thoughts on cole. I would like to know what you thought.
Remind me who Cole is and why you are interested. Is he a Griz prospect or signee? Or is he out of our league?
Cole is an early verbal. Will sign next february to play for the Griz. Unless he changes his mind. Verbals aren't binding.
I happened to be in Seattle this weekend and noticed a big picture on the P-I sports page of Cole Morgan's reciever hauling in a long pass for a touchdown. Morgan's statistics were impressive (though can't remember the figures right now) and they beat Ballard

Thanks to egriz the name Cole Morgan had some significance, because I had not heard of him otherwise.
Oh yeah, I knew about eh QB we got verbally but for some reason the name Cole sounds more like a receiver to me so I was confused. That is weird how names can be associated with positions like that...or maybe I am jsut nuts.
Ok, here's the deal on Cole Morgan the Sr. Quaterback at Ballard High School that has verbaled to UM. I went to the first half of their game against Lake Washington on Friday. It was a good matchup of teams and the game was scoreless for the first quater. Ballard has a multi-facated offense which Cole does a supurb job of running. He impressed me with his leadership which was evident even from the stands (huddle, shifts, getting plays called quickly, ect). As Ballard has a RB that is going to WSU, they were running much more than passing and were successful. This is not to say it's an option attack or Cole doesn't get chances to put it up with 3-4 receivers on the field. His QB coach is former WSU QB Jack Thompson (aka, the Throwin' Samoan) so he's got a good teacher. Cole ended up 12-20 for 190yds and Ballard won handily 35-14 after putting up 21 in the second quarter. He threw 2 beautiful passes that I saw, one a 20 yd. TD strike on a corner route. Didn't get to see many throws where he had to zip it in there like a 15 yd comeback or anything but arm strength looked pretty solid overall. Had one 45 yd post that he completed which was not underthrown. My impression is that this kid is a good get for the Griz. I'll probably to a couple more games and give more info throughout the season.

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