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C'mon Griz Wake Up

C'mon Griz! Enough with the injury thing and the weather thing and the John Edwards thing, and Cockhill thing, etc....The Griz have a very very good team, and both teams had to play on the same field and in the same weather. You saw who had the better team. The Cats took the game to the Griz and never let up. The reason the Griz played poorly on offense was because of the Cat D. The Griz D played great, too...Jeez, they only gave up 10 pts for cryin' out loud. They could have given up 30. The Griz will win that game next week.
You cat fans....so out of the loop when it comes to the National sceen. The Bocats suck. They will get beat by at least 30 at McNeese. I hope you could winand the Griz could too. But I've seen both McNeese and NWS play this year. I Don't think you will even score....and I hope the Griz can.
What ever? You will see.....or a wait, you cat fans never get TV coverage....you will hear next week.

The Griz are truely banged up, and just are not very good right now.

You will find out, what the Griz already know about the playoffs, this weekend. Your team is not very good. McNeese is very good. The talent level is not even close. But, no need to argue with me, just wait and hear. :wink: