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Chance for Chase???


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Guess we will find out later today (53-man rosters have to be submitted by 6 pm eastern time). Noodling around the websites and bleacher reports, several comments that Chase might just end up as the third running back due to his core position on special teams, and he certainly didn't hurt himself with that nifty touchdown the other night. Pead apparently not too impressive in camp, but he's a high draft pick and not as likely to give up on him---possible trade though. Looks like a better chance for Chase than I had realized----will keep my fingers crossed today.
https://twitter.com/chasereynolds34/status/373602016536195072" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

This is what he posted it doesn't really confirm anything.
BWahlberg said:
Yukon said:
spokompton griz said:
Dude he made it. Announced yesterday.
Announced by who? If you referring to twitter, that was not proof.

Didn't he announce it in his own page?
No. Unless something new came along, he just referenced and espn blog that projected he would due to Pead being out game one and his strong special teams contribution.