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Is that how you guys deal with flamers on your board? Censor them?? On the MU board, we don't have that option. We have been treated to a daily dose of GrizRock and his obsessive, profane posts for over a year. He is allowed to post what he wants and trust me... he takes full advantage of it.
I'm wondering. Why is your fellow griz on the MU site every day. He claims that it's becuase mu is "a bunch of cheaters" However, is he on the Michigan site daily? Or the Wisconsin site?? Your fellow griz has become so obsessed with a loss that occoured 7 years ago that he feels compelled to post 24/7 on the MU board. I thought i took care of our little problem last week. However, i can see that GrizRocks obsession is beyong reproach.

Please grizzfans, you should implore GrizRock to seek the therapy he so desprately needs.

Get over it GrizRock
Sorry 67. Really, I'll leave you alone over there.

Hey, congratulations!! Your a "grizzly bear" now! Good job!
It's funny, over here he acts like he is being Mr. Maturity... then he posts 5 posts over on the MU board.


Ps. GrizRock... nice profanity laced private messages you sent me. Shall i post those for all to read?
I personally don't agree with GrizRoc's tactics, but it does sound like he met his match in you. As for 7 years ago. I dont think we could have beat you 1X in 10 tries with Moss. You could have put Moss on anyone of the playoff teams and that team would have likely won the NC in 96. He was a man against boys in 1AA.
Vrey true native. However, he was a criminal, and shouldn't have even been on the field. BTW, 96' was the first year that the NCAA discovered the "major infractions" being practiced by the Marshall program. :-?
As moderator, I'm trying to keep anything 'personal' or blatant 'smack' on the smack board.

Its a judgement call that I make. The owner has trusted my to use my best judgement, so thats what I'm doing.

Sorry if what GrizRoc is posting is offending you and your board. I personally forgot all about Marshall years ago. Two games, we got one, you got one... Even Stevens.