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Cats start practice too early


New member
Latest out of Bozeman, Cats started practice a few days early! Ha Ha! Evidently Kramer messed up on the starting date. Should have started on Wednesday. Don't know what wil happen for sure penalty wise! Just wait and see I guess.
Quoting some of my favorite charcters...

"Stupid is as stupid does..." Forest Gump

"What a maroon!" Bugs Bunny
Yes, my fellow state of Montana football fan friends, I'm here to confirm the rumor. The Cats did start practicing two days early this season. :oops: However, it was only after they had been cleared to go from an authority within the NCAA ranks apparently. Therefore, since someone at NCAA screwed up, the only penalty will be to lose 4 practices sometime throughout the season.. One has lredy been taken care of and the other three will come during the bye week. Shouldn't affect much. :mad: But, since I'm here, I will tell you that injuries are plaguing our O line again, which could spell trouble for us. Praying for no more injuries and quick recoveries!!!

Good luck in Maine!!!

Go Cats!!!
Hmmmmmmmmm.......injuries....Don't know anything about those here at UM. :mad: I hope that those heal up for you guys but that is the nature of the game. That is good that ya'll won't loose any games or anything. Good luck at Wyoming.