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Cats Now Claim 3 National Championships???


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I was just over in Great Falls for Thanksgiving reading the Bobcat Times, uh, I mean the Tribune. Seems the Bobcats are now claiming 3 national championships. The real one in 84, a bowl game (I think the Camelia bowl, which seems like it was an actual NC), and some other bowl game from the 50's where the game ended in a tie!!!

I tried to find it in the Tribune's web site to attach, but couldn't find it. Just thought it was interesting that their NC's went from 1, to 2, and now to 3. Boy, at this rate, they should be tied with GSU by gametime Saturday night.
Not a MSU fan here by any stretch, but they do indeed have 3 NC's to their credit. In 1956, they were NAIA NC's along with St Josephs(Ind.) That game ended in a 0-0 tie. Hence the co-champs.


In 1976, they won a Div.II NC over Akron, 24-13.


And of course, we all know they won the 1-AA crown in 1984.