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Cat fans faced with a dilema


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So do all those Cat fans root for the Cats to beat Sac St. and give the regular season Championship to the Griz or does their burning, jealous hatred for the better team (THE GRIZZLIES) consume them enough to root against their team? It has got to be tuff for them knowing their paltry little felines won't make any noise in the tourney regardless if they make it! I know We Griz fans would be rooting for the Griz regardless. We could go into the tourney as the 7th ranked team and come out with a trip to March Madness!!!! It is Good to be a Griz!! Lets wrap it up tonight boys. We don't have to put any trust in state to help us get anywhere. I'll be their rooting for you!!!!
I think the cats will show up and win. But what I hope for more is that the Griz, and Lady Griz, can close out the season with a W and get into playoff mode.

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