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Cat Chances

I think it'll be similar to last year's game against McNeese... MSU will keep the game close into the 4th quarter with their defense. At that point, who knows what will happen...UNI has to be considered a favorite playing at home but MSU can certainly beat anyone on a given day if they play up to their potential and/or get the breaks like yesterday. Turnovers are key, the medium-powered MSU offense can score enough points to win but not if they turn the ball over at inopportune times (like vs. EWU).
Personally I hope the Cats play them tough and represent the Big Sky well. Besides who could forget the low blow from the NI receiver in the playoffs a few years back. Go Cats!
The Big sky does need the cats to do well. It is kind of embarrasing sending a 7-5 team to the playoffs 2 years in a row.
Hey....I would love for nothing more than to play the Pussies in The NC. They are not very good though. And unless they can get a Defensive TD and a kick return and a couple extra turnovers every week for the next three......they will not be there.
Hey Geaux, as I was thinking about our winning in Chattenooga, I wondered what our kitty friends think then? Based on the drivel they are posting here, I'm laying odds that they'll claim that THEY are the real nat'l champs because they beat us.

What do you say, scat fans, would that make YOU the national champs? (Nat'l CHUMPS, maybe). :fist:
If the 'Cats don't win a playoff game does anyone think the rules committee might make a Bobcat rule. Something to the effect that each conference must send at least one representative, but maybe if the team doesn't win the conference outright, then the committee can decide who from that conference will get the bid. I mean they can't want a five loss Bobcat team, year after year, keeping some other deserving team that understands taht the season starts in September, out of the playoffs.
That average team beat your sorry teams ass on Saturday. I woldn't call winning 5 out of last 6 to end the year an average team. You guys still don't get it do you. That is good! We'll beat you again next year too.
I definitely think the Cats got the toughest bracket of 4. Kind of unfortunate. I would like to see the Cats do well, as I would love another shot at them. I also want to see the BSC teams do well so we get a little more respect east of, oh, let's say, Bozeman.
That average team beat your sorry teams ass on Saturday. I woldn't call winning 5 out of last 6 to end the year an average team. You guys still don't get it do you. That is good! We'll beat you again next year too.

Thanks, Wildcat, but I was at the game...I know the score of the game.

So, your saying that the 'Cats finished strong. Yes that is true. But they started crappy. So how does that make them so much better tahn average. The definition of average means taking the results of the entire season.

You went to school at Weber St or somewhere, right? When you failed the first half of the term and aced the second half were you a better than average student? No, you were still average at best.
What are their chances... like Geaux said, slim to none.

Regardless, I'll be pullin for them. If for no other reason, it'd be really cool to see the two Montana teams in Nooga for the Championship.

The chances of that happening... slim to none.
Well, so far I haven't seen any Cat fans answer this thread despite the fact that it was targeted towards them. And since the cats are in the other bracket from the Griz, I've become a bit of a Cat fan. I know, I know, bandwagon jumper and all that. So be it.
I haven't seen any Gateway conference games, so it's hard to know what their strengths and weaknesses are, but it seems like most of the game results I've seen have final scores in the 30s and 40s, so I wonder about those teams' overall defensive power. Who knows, maybe the offenses there are just unstoppable... we won't know until after this weekend.

Anyway, the Cats D is definitely their strongest aspect, and I think their speed will be especially evident on turf in a dome. Could create some problems for UNI, especially if they can bottle up the run (which is doubtful, since the Cats interior line is so undersized).

Go Griz! Go Lumberjacks (until the 3rd round)! Go Cats (until the NC)!