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Cat broadcast


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Anyone who wants to listen to the Cats getting beat......

well if PSU could quit giving the ball away and shooting themseves in the foot.......22-14 msu.....PSU held them out of the endzone after giving the ball away with a bad snap on a punt attempt.
We stayed in Missoula to watch this game but where we were at the cable reception was terrible. Voice kept going so low or no voice at all, and the picture was dark making it hard to watch. Was it just me or did anyone else have reception problems?
ya Omega Sux, the Audio was the same for the 1-AA high school championship game, But what the hey at least the Kittys get to brag to thier recruits that they are on TV x-times a year. To bad for them that the instate recruits know the truth
same here in Polson, Northern Griz piss poor sound and dark picture.
it was kinda funny it was broadcast on The Oxygen Ch. on the schedule was the Ellen Degenerate show, only the psu/cat game was on.