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Casey Cordial


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This is purely a feeler, so don't everyone blow up at me all at once, take turns. I am anxious to see your opinions. Apparently the coaches are pretty high on him and have gaurenteed him that he will get a legitimate chance to compete for the job in two year when Disney/Oches leave. Not that they don't tell everyone this, but I hear that the players seem to like him better than Hartman. In fact, I hear that Hartman is one of the least favorite or popular players among the Griz. I think it would be hard to be the next Dave and not be well liked by his teamates. Again this is just what I heard from a couple of guys, and I am sick of sulking about the loss and want to get my mind on something else that has no effect whatsoever on this season to get me through the rest of the week. Speak.
For one thing is Disney dosen't pull his head out of his ass soon Hartman could be the starter this season at least until Ochs can comeback. As for Hartman not being popular who cares either is the damn coach. I personally have never seen Hartman or Cordial play so I don't know if they are any good or not. There is one thing I'm real sure of though neither one of these guys is the second coming of Dave Dickenson. Whether they are well liked or not. Lets let them be the first Hartman and Cordial and not the next Dickenson because if we have that attitude they will never stack up. No matter what they do. In the minds of us Griz fans Dickenson is the gold standard and will never be surpassed. This is also true about the Head Coach position there will never be the next "Don Read" many people including myself sorta expected Hauck to be the next Read but he isn't and never will be. Maybe, if he gets his sh*t together in a few years we will speak of him as a great Head Coach like we do Glen but even with NC wins no other coach will be as beloved as Don Read.
The problem with that is that if the QB whomever it has been since Dickenson left, never meets our expectations. If they arenot the second comming of Dave, then they arenot good enough for Griz fans, and that is true. Miller had an incredible first year as a starter, but no Dave...
While I am sure that they told casey cordial that he has an opportunity to compete, like you said they will tell everyone on the team that same line. It gives motivation for people to stay on the team and work hard in practice. I doubt that they really have him in their long term plan. I dont think that popularity has much to do with performence and leadership on the field. How many complete jerks are in the hall of fames in their respective sports.

I would say that Cordial will hang around and go the way that Brett Staniger, maybe go through a position change like Chris Pohlemus, or simply be asked to leave like Kendall Selle.

But hey, he doesnt hurt us if he is on the roster.
I am just thinking that they are really excited about the kid they have comming in next year. I can't remember his name right now. And it looks like it could be possible that we have a QB start for four years, that would be something special.
I like Casey and think he will make a fine backup i don't think we'll see him start if others are healthy. Ihope he proves me wrong.
Keep in mind he is one of the top INT leaders in Sentinel School history at least that's what his former coach says, but take that with a grain of salt as in the games i saw half of those were because the wr ran a wrong route or didn't fight back for the the ball on under thrown passes.
On the other hand, in the Sentinel vs CMR game i thought he threw a better ball than leaf and did so with more ease. His dad is a nice fellow and would have started at Stanford had it not been for Jim Plunkett showing up....
As for players not liking Hartman take no offense but i'm not sure i believe it from what i've seem of his interaction with them.
Oh one more thing.

Regarding Disney pulling his head out...IMHO i think he does fine when he has decent protection.
From what I am hearing about Casey is that the coach's like what he has to offer, but not at quarterback. Sounds more like he will be moved to the defensive backfield. As for Hartman, he will not play a single down this season unless both Disney and Ochs are hurt. BH is intent on him redshirting, and I think this means win or lose this year.
That's interesting news about Coridal playing as a DB. I was talking with one of his former coaches and specificly asked him about that and he laughed in my face.
(Doesn't mean much coming from a Sentinel coach though...have you ever looked at Sentinel's record?)
Personally, I didn't think he was fast enough to play corner nor big enough to play either saftey spot. maybe, i'm wrong. I hope so.
On a more serious note they had a corner last year that shut Nick Dissly down in a big way. He evidently tired of football and got no offers...doesn't help playing for one of the losingest teams in MT. (i can badmouth them it's where i went to school). :wink:
GrizMania said:
Oh one more thing.

Regarding Disney pulling his head out...IMHO i think he does fine when he has decent protection.

I think I would do fine if I had decent protection.... even with a great OL, decent protection is not a guarantee. Disney had better get used to the constant pressure in his face... it will be that way all year. If he can't cut it then he needs to sit on the bench and let Hartman play until Ochs is ready.
I know casey pretty well and he worked as hard as anyone this summer...but his size is not a plus. Think about that new recruit coming in????? He'll find a spot but not at QB....he just works to hard not to earn a spot somewhere.

That is kind of what I was thinking when I satrted this thread. It was nice I was able to talk about something that did not involve any of us verbally assualting one another.