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Carroll v. St. Francis


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I modestly propose that Griz fans try to attend the Saints' NAIA semi-final game Saturday, at noon at Nelson Stadium on the Carroll campus. Like Montana, Carroll prides itself on showcasing Montana players, and this year stands ready to bring the first consecutive national football championship to the Treasure State. It would truly demonstrate state pride if we could help Carroll fill its stands and bring some of our Griz spirit to the Saints' last home game this year.
Great Idea, most of my friends will be attending as well. Carroll has become the class of NAIA and play some pretty dang good football, as can be seen by having Fitzimmons starting for the Lions this year. They have a ton of MT kids and play at a high level. If the seats were full, it would also help them pay for the playoff guaranty. Besides, Our next coach in about four years will be coaching them??????
Sorry I think the coach will be long gone by then...UM missed the boat and it will sail before we can catch another. Lets just hope not to MSU..or the streak will be a lot longer than 2 games...
Oddly enough I just came on here to ask how to get tickets for this game. can I trust to just walk up or should, and who, I call ahead?
Since the Griz and Cats are both idle this weekend, you should probably get them ahead to guaranty a spot, although you may be able to walk up. You can call the PE Center at 447-4480. Ask for Bruce Parker or anybody else selling tickets. They would leave them at will call.
rumor has it they are trying to add more seats so I suggest you buy ahead of time. you can purchase online at http://www.carroll.edu too if you'd like. the ticket prices are real low for what you'll get to see.

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