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Carroll Fans Getting Into the Act


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One of the linebackers for the St. Francis team is quoted in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Journal Gazette commending the crowd at Carroll's semi-final game: "Their crowd played a huge role too. They had great fans. They were really loud." Early in the game the Carroll fans were pretty subdued, limiting their noise making to clapping and stomping on the liberated 'Cat stands when Carroll was on defense. It seemed that it was the transplanted Griz fans who really started raising the roof after getting used to screaming, "Go SAAAAAAINTS", and the Carroll faithful picked it up and got into it. By the third quarter it was sounding like Wash-Griz East. Maybe UM could franchise its fans, or start a summer camp for fans. Carroll did have an EXCELLENT group of students, the "Carroll Crazies," who could teach UM students a thing or two about cheering.
I agree with you 100% about the "Carroll Crazies," they could teach UM students about how and when to cheer, along with general knowledge of the game. I have not attended a Saint's football game, but a few years back I regular travled to Helena to watch a few basketball games, and they were intense. Always screaming at the refs or other teams. Everyone was into the game. Wish I could have been there for a few of the football games over the past few years.

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