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Can anyone help me?


New member
What the deal with these fake TV parties? I am in Dallas TX, the place posted for the TV party doesn't have the Griz games. I have tried other bars with a the college gameday TV and they cant pick up the games. Is there anyway to watch other than the KU band? That signal just isn't strong enough to pick up.
I think I'm SOL unless anyone knows of any other way to pick up the game.

Thanks, T. J.
BDO... as for your question the only way i can think is mtgriz.com and watch the game on a computer. what is this I hear you are pimpin chips? maybe you should fire up hancock and come back for a game bearing chips insted of checking out U-dub games. you can always call stocks for an update. jk. Anyways come back sometime and see your godchilden you got like 20 of them. I saw your boy Monster at the ndsu game, he seems to make the trip. Tell Orlow Im comeing for him in fantasy football.

Don't know about Dallas, probably not enough UM alums there to get a bar to show the games. I'd try calling the alumni association or just watching it on the internet. www.mtgriz.com
I watch every game in California. If I can find in northern cali where college football is obsolete, you can get it for sure anywhere in Texas. Find the most run down dive bar that sells cheap bugers and beer and for sure they will be able to get it on an old satellite system. The real trick is getting the bar tender to work hard enough to make it come in good so you can see it. We take thank you gifts at the end of the year to our buddy bartender who gets every game for us. I think he is actually becoming a griz fan. We now call Friday nights with the coordinates and he has the game on for us when we get there Sat. morning. It took a while to get to that though.
The Satellite parties are for the Cat/Griz game. The game on October 25th, you should be able to pick up in Dallas becuase it is on CSTV, which is provided via DirecTV. Any sports bar should be able to pick that up.
Other than that, it is the KU band or watching it via streaming video on your computer.

Best of Luck
Man, do we have it good in Phoenix. The owner of Dukes bar is from Butte, and he puts ALL the games on the big screen. In fact, his bar has two wings and the Montana fans get one whole wing. We will get around 300 for the Griz-Cat game.

CaliGriz is right though. Al (owner) really works the satellite to get the games. Sometimes, if the satellite is far north (Canada) the reception is a little snowy.
Yes. It is Al McCarthy as far as I know. Hates the Dallas Cowboys and is drunk at 1/2 the games. Always talking about Butte.