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Can anybody explain this?


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The Missoulian said:
Grizzlies Chris Snyder, Bush, Dylan McFarland and Vernon Smith were invited to play prior to the season. Smith is not expected to play because he might be back with UM next season if he graduates before practice begins next August.


I always wondered about his red shirt year...or if He took one. But why does graduating before August have anything to do with it?
smith was a partial qualifier, or something like that. somebody in that classification can't play their first year (nor practice, i think). if they graduate in 4 years, they get another season of eligibility, allowing them to play 4 years of whatever sport they're in.
Did anyone see how many Bobcats were on that list compared to the rest of the Big Sky? It seemed ridiculou. I don't know, sure the Cats have a very good defense, but how do you justify so many all-stars from a team that barely squeaked in to the playoffs last year with too many losses and is fairly dissapointing compared to their early expectations this year?
It means they lose a year of eligibilty...and they can regain it if they graduate within four years....because they are qualified to be admited but do not have all the neccessary requirements when they graduated from high school...

Jesse Chatman had that opportunity to return to school last year because of this rule...but chose not to...
Just because the Bobcats haven't gotten all the "W's" they were "expected" to get doesn't mean the level of talent somne of those players have is any less.