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Cal Poly On Montana


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Cal Poly has played four Big Sky Conference teams, including nationally-ranked Northern Arizona. The Mustangs play Idaho State later in the year. Following Montana's victory Saturday, Cal Poly running back Geno Randle said Montana was the best team the Mustangs have played.

"NAU is a good team, but we played a better game this week,'' Randle said.

Cal Poly coach Rich Ellerson was also asked to assess the Big Sky teams his Mustangs have seen.

"I would say it's going to be a heck of a game when (Montana) plays up at Northern Arizona,'' Ellerson said. "Those are two real good football teams. It's different when you play up there and play on that surface.

"I'd say Montana is a more physical team, I'd give the skill level to Northern Arizona. That's playing my next life as an ESPN analyst.''