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BSC picks for this week


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Since the Griz are off this week, who do you like to win:

MSU @ Cal Poly - I think MSU will pull off the emotional win, get full of themselves, and begin a downward spiral.

NAU @ PSU - I think PSU will blow their new top 20 ranking, and NAU will show up as a contender.

Your thoughts?
I think MSU will lose for what ever reason you want to pick...

I want NAU to win so PSU gets a loss... :wink:
The Poly Ponies are on fire. I think they'll win, and if the Cats take a beating, I promise I won't rub it in 'cause Cal Poly's damn good. Still, if MSU loses huge, it'll make my day.
If MSU loses huge, it'll make my day too. Plus, I'll get a free lunch from one of my long suffering Bobcat friends. Go Mustangs! :p
MSU will not lose huge! They win by 7. Too much senior leadership on defense to let this one slip by.

NAU defeats PSU 35 - 21. Don't like PSU's defense and NAU may have something in their Freshman QB.
Cal Poly over MSU by 6... I don't think the O'Brien situation will be a distraction but the 'Cats have not won a non-conference road game since '95 or so. They should beat St. Mary's in two weeks to end that but I'm not optimistic about a win tomorrow.

Portland over NAU by 14. Let's see how NAU's true freshman QB performs in conference play when it really matters.
Yes, that's probably a true stat MSU, we haven't won a non-conference road game since 96, but keep in mind, we haven't won many games period since 96 :( Plus I'd say that most of the time when a team travels for a non-conference game, they aren't usually the easiest ones on the schedule. Tomorrow will be a tough challenge, but we'll have the option figured out and stopped by the start of the 2nd Q and win 30 to 24.
After a sloppy second half Cal Poly held on to it's lead and defeated MSU in what turned out to be a close game. I'm really curious to see how the top 25 rankings turn out. Go Mustangs!!!
I listened to almost the whole game on the radio. It sounded like it wasn't as close as the score indicates. MSU really didn't get it together until it was way too late. So much for the Cats trying to leap over us in the polls. We'll see how you guys do when you come to Missoula on the 4th. That could be one of the best battles of the Griz's season, and all of us over here in Big Sky land can really start speculating what the Griz/Cat game will be like.
Either we flat out stunk it up or Poly is a damn good team... I would lean towards the latter although some blame must go to the MSU offense for only getting 7 points off 3 consecutive Poly TO's in their own end of the field. Should be very interesting to see how they do against the rest of the Big Sky teams on their schedule. NAU shuts out Portland on the road... WOW.