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BSC in 2003-Offenses?


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Just out of curiousity, I would just like some feedback as to what each team has back in terms of offensive capabilities... This isn't entirely specific by anymeans, nor scientific.

Here are my thoughts in terms of returners and their capabilities.

1. Sacramento: Leadingham might be the best returning quarterback in teh conference. From what I remember he has some fairly strong supporting members at reciever. However the coaching change may hurt them a bit. Though in talent, Sacramento might have the most returning.
2. Montana: Frankly, in terms of raw talent there is no question as to the ability of this group. However, I think that the first few games might be shaky in terms of getting things to work correctly. But the sheer explosiveness of this group is astounding. I hope our cheerleaders get stronger, because they are going to be doing some pushups by the end of the year.
3. Eastern Washington: From all that I have read, Eastern might have the best new QB in the conference. That alone with so much turnover in the conference in terms of QB talent might give them an edge. Wolff seems to have that old Kramer style offense moving again. Eastern doesn't lose a lot it seems, though Blankenship and losing Chatman will obviously hurt. It seems that like their QB, their RB that is the new starter (Kimble) sounds like he is smaller and quicker.
4. Montana State: Sorry, but I think this is a gift for MSU. THe wonderboy is going to have a rude awakening this year. No Ryan Johnson, no clutch reciever to throw to and an O-Line that best resembles a mash unit. Lulay may have Moss's raves but frankly he didn't have to make plays when Johnson was carrying the ball 40 times behind him.
5. Northern Arizona: Actually, picking Northern here has more to do with my incomplete knowledge of them. So anyone have any ideas?
6. Idaho State: They lost just about everyone off of their team last year. They only return their runningback and lose most of their tallent.
7. Weber State: I pick them here, because they seem to constantly underachieve. They have some decent talent returning but I don't think it will relate to succes though.
8. Portland State: Other than Fuqua, it seems that PSU doesn't have much returning. In reality, Northern Arizona could be down here, but it seems to me that PSU will be towards the bottom anyway.

Again this is not scientific by anymeans, but I thought I would create some debate or some thoughts from anyone. Cause we are less than 100 days away...I can smell football...mmmm
Grizfan-24: Observations on your BSC offensive analysis--

1. Sac State: You're probably pretty close here--Leadingham seems to be the real deal, and they have a lot of offensive talent that the new coaching staff may be able to unleash.

2. Montana: If this offense comes together, which I fully expect, biceps will be huge in the Grizzly cheer corps. Last year other than at QB the offensive skill players were very young--no excuses this year. Looking for a breakout year for JH.

3. EWU: I don't have enough info to comment, but they always seem to find offensive talent. What have you heard about their new QB? Kimble is a very good player, agreed.

4. MSU: Although Lulay is a very good young QB, I don't quite know where to put them--it's a little far-fetched to think that they're going to come up with another RB to rival R Johnson (shades of our situation last year post Yo), and their offensive line looks very injury-riddled now. However, by the time the season comes around many of their offensive linemen may be back up to speed, and Kramer may have plucked another JC receiver or two, and maybe one of the young RBs may be a warrior, and...okay, there are a lot of ifs there, agreed.

5. NAU: I know nothing about what they have coming back. Can anyone fill us in on this?

6. ISU: The Bengals have a very good RB coming back, and tend to reload with impact JCs, so who knows?

7. WSU: Hard to think that Weber will rebound too high after last year.

8. PSU: The comments above about ISU and JCs goes double for PSU--no BSC team annually depends on the JC ranks to create teams to the extent PSU does, so it's hard at this point to know how they'll be offensively, other than being very set at RB with Rubin and Fuqua.

Did I mention that I'll be at the Maine game? Did I further mention that I'm already completely stoked?
This is by no means a first to last rating:
Sac State- has as much to overcome attitude-wise as anything a new coach can put together. I think their offense will be good because of leadingham and more focus on pro-style playbook. But you don't go from spraying your unies with cooking spray to having what it takes to win consistantly in one season.

Portland State - When hasn't the cupboard looked bare every other year at PSU- that's what happens when you constantly go the JC route. Yet, they are consistantly average by the end of the season. Walsh has an eye for talent and offense. If the transfers on defense click this year, look out.

Weber State -- sigh

Nau - Now that Jerry has a DUI under his belt and a former player convicted of rape, another for big time drugs and of course the forfiture of 6games two years ago, don't be shocked if there's more than football boiling to the surface in '03. This is another team that always seems to have talent, which it regularly sends to the NFL. But don't underestimate the school's ability to implode.

MSU - will be real tough assuming they don't get come off losses at to wyo. and gardiner webb at the beginning of the season. If they get beyond both games with wins, then the bobcats will be tough on everybody. If not, they'll still be tough on the griz at the end of the year. If the dice roll right, this team could finish anywhere in the top three, but that's a big if. should again have one of the best defenses in the conference, spread offense and enough skill players to win most BSC games.

ISU - the cupboard is not as empty as you think. The defense will be ready to roll, just ask Jared Allen. The offense has a nice compliment of returners and transfers. Look for ISU to play determined after close games with MSU and UM and being snubbed by the playoff committee. If only this team would lay off the Pioneer Conference, it would stand a fighting chance of going somewhere after Thanksgiving. The make or break game for this school will be MSU -- it never plays well in Bozeman.

UM - Don't expect the griz to stumble early. The first couple games should go well, assuming no one has tape of Phencie's offense. Defense is extremely deep. Just cross your fingers and pray for corners. ISU and MSU should be toughest games, on the road no less.

EWU - seen the quarterbacks, didn't think much. But if they keep Rosenbach's offense, world's better than anything kramer cooked up, they should be tough.
I wonder where y'all got your info? It seems a bit off, so I will kindly drop my two cents, although it may not even be worth that.

To start.....ISU returns 8 on offense. They return one of the best RBs, in Issac Mitchell. They have two all-league WR, Key and Flower. They have most of thier O-line returning. And they replace their QB with one of the top JC transfers this year. I think his name is Heatherington...or some such thing.

NAU.....here is a bit about the team that nobody knows about. They return the best 1-2 Wr punch in the Sky. Marshall and Moore. They are fast and good. They had their QB coming back (Clint Womack)...but I think he got kicked off the team for something....but I can't remember what, or if that is even the case. If womack is back...NAU may have the best Big Play capability this year. They also return 10 players on offense, assuming that Womack will be back. A team may have to out score them this year.

WSU......also 10 starters returning. Tate Bennett at QB...a hoard of WRs returning. Plus they add a real good D-1 transfer RB who may end up being the best RB in the Sky this year....I can't remember his name, but he was a starter, and I believe he rushed for close to a 1000 yards last year for USU. He had a big spring.

Psu.....lose alot. Return 4 starters with one of them being the best returning RB in the Sky...Fuqua. They always get real good talent, and it sounds like they added quite a few impact transfers(again) and the new QB is an up and comer. Joe Wiser. I think they may have the most challenge on the Offensive side off the ball in the Sky.....and they will still get the job done I'd bet.

EWU.....Lost a lot! Need to replace QB and TE who are at NFL camps right now. Move Kimble from WR to RB....he will be good there. Return Randell at WR...he is good. It will come down to finding a QB for them next year. I smell some big time revenge on this one next year!!!!!! :evil:

NUT SAC ST.....I agree with what has already been said about them.....a dangerous team next year. Return 8 on O. QB is great.

MSU.... Return 7...IF Hill can play. I think he has Grade problems if I remember right. It will all come down to them replacing Johnson. They will need a RB. I do not think that Lulay can carry them. Hope I am right. The O-line will be fine by early in the season next year. They better hope they don't have any injuries on the line though....or at QB.

And UM....I can't imagine that we would not be one of the Top 5 offenses in the nation....We return 10, with IMHO, a major upgrade at the postion we are losing(QB). While the first few games may be rough...the Air Bear will be hittin on all 12 cylinders come conference play.

In summary....The Sky is going to be a challenge this year. I think that this will be the most talent ever in the Sky. Even back to the Nevada reno, BSU, Idaho days......and I would be suprised to not see 3 teams from our conference in the post season this year. I also will not be suprised if our beloved D takes a lickin quite a few times this year....especially if we are going to go AIR BEAR.....ball control helps the D....AIR BEAR puts the D on the field ALOT!!!!! Hopefully, they will be on the field alot with a big lead! :wink:
Thanks for the info and insight. Honestly, I couldn't say much about Weber or NAU. I knew they had some returning, I just didn't know how good they were in terms of the rest of the conference.

I would agree that our offense is a work in progress, I am just curious to see how well it runs in the begining. I would like to go to the game in Maine, but on a teacher salary that may well cost me a whole years worth of salary.
according to writeups on the NAU official website Womack competed in spring drills. in the last one going 10-20.
Robinson-the transfer rb, is said to be very explosive by USU fans, but that he had a bad attitude and didn't take to being coached very well....a perfect fit for NAU.
NAU loses 2 starting linemen, i think a guard and a center.
They're always an athleticly gifted team, but usually lack the discipline.

Also on the NAU writeup they lose many on D, but the replacements looked pretty good in spring drills. I suppose they say would say that no matter how good or bad they look.

Last season we sacked them 11 times Bush had 5 of those.
The key will be to put lots of pressure on them otherwise they'll pick apart our secondary.
Yeah...I saw that Womack competed in Spring drills....but for some reason I think he left the team for something......I'll check into it.

The Big Sky will be tough!