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BSC Champs 2003


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I still say 2 Losses for Big Sky Champs is a reality.

I also think if we could win out ......we win it outright

2 losses it comes down to a tie breaker, CO-Champs scenario,

PSU beat sac last night, who would have thought that possible?

If I have learned one thing....there is a lot of football left on "03" and we all (Big Sky Teams)have to play every game left on our schedules.

"on any given Saturday......on any given Saturday!"
remember these words...especially in the Big Sky Conference.

Great offensive game plan yesterday BH & Staff.

The D struggled...but their O-Line was Awesome people...... and we all iknow our DB's are not this team's strength...we rely on our front 7 to put pressure on the other team's "O "

ISU was absolutely AWESOME at pass blocking....as good as I have ever seen in DI-AA at picking off Defensive players right before we got to their QB)

I would love too see us play them again in the playoff's. Yhat is my #1 goal for this team is too meet them again this year!

Go Griz!
lumberbroker said:

I also think if we could win out ......we win it outright


Go Griz!

I agree with you but ISU will need to lose another game. They have a tie breaker over us now. But I think we win out, and NAU beats ISU giving us at least co-championship with NAU and automatic bid, or outright Big Sky Championship.
EWURanger29 said:
Are you forgetting that someone has to beat NAU for that to happen?

No, not forgetting. As I said, If Griz win out, and NAU beats ISU, Griz get automatic bid. Now, you should know what winning out means. It means that Griz will have beaten NAU. But I know there are people who are so self doubters that think the past will determine the future and the coaches and players will not do anything to change it due to lack of improvement. But the fact is, the Griz ARE IMPROVING. But many of you just self doubters just can't see the forest through the trees. Yesterdays game has me convinced that things are going to get better. Maybe some bumps in the road (like real close nerve racking games), but I believe we will win out.
Even if the Griz don't win out, they're still in control of their own destiny with or without the BSC Championship. Getting to the post-season is what really counts, and they can do that as long as they lose no more than one game the rest of the regular season.
More good news.

Site selection criteria adopted 2 years ago implies that we will probably host any games other than those games against seeded opponents (only 4 teams)

'Cause $$$ talks brother!