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BSC Basketball '04

The way I see it, it will be a quite competitive conference this season. Anybody can win it.

I can see any of these teams with a solid chance of winning the regular season title: EWU, ISU, NAU, WSU, and UM. Not picking the order though.

For Montana though, it will depend on how some of the new recruits do. Not sure how soon some of the JC transfers will pick up the system. If they pick it by conference time, I am sure Griz will be a force to be reckoned with. In addition, we do have Seyfert at center which gives Griz a bigger presence in the middle.

Weber State went undefeated last year in conference, but they won't this year. Loss of Boyette will be to big for them to replace for Weber State to run the table. Ocokoljic should be an excellent player for them. But not good enough to lead them to an undefeated conference season.
I agree with you about Weber, they will not be as good as they were last year. There is no way they will go undefeated again in conference play. They lost too many key players. But generally I think it will be between WSU, EWU, ISU, and Montana. PSU looks much improved but they still won't contend for a regular season title.

We only lost 2 starters off of last year's team, I think we will contend again this year (we've finished second in the regular season the past 4 years), and who knows, maybe we will finally get the auto-berth this year. Getting to the NIT last year didn't hurt.
From what I've read, NAU isn't supposed to do squat. The four teams you mentioned all have a chance. It'll be interesting to see how well Weber can replace half their team, including Boyette.
Lindy's has EWU at #1, with Montana #2, and Weber St. at #3....They've got Criswell as the BSC player of the year, and Kamaar Davis as newcomer of the year. Athlon Sports has Montana at #1, and Eastern at #2, with Weber at #3. They also have Criswell as the POY.
If Criswell earns Big Sky POY, I will wear a Griz hat around campus for a week. No way is that going to happen, he is not that good. I'm not saying he isn't a good player, but there are far better players in the league than Criswell... however, I am sure the Bobcats would be happy to take him. We're going to suck this year.
Eastern definitely has talent. It seemed like last year you never knew would would be the high scorer of any given game, cause they could all go out there and make things happen. I think that EWU will battle with the U this year for 1st place. As far as Criswell being the player of the year, I can't wait to see you wear that hat Bozone!! Though I think it would be a heck of a lot more impressive if you wore it at the MSU campus!
If Criswell wins MVP, great. He can do it. (I still think Matt Williams got shafted on account of the ultra-hyped Arceneaux back in 2000.) But individual awards don't really count in the long run. I'd like to see a Griz team that's a 20-game winner and at least gets to the Big Sky Championship Game. A rare winning record in non-conference play would be encouraging.
Tell me about it.....3 or 4 years of going to the tournament championship game, and still no NCAA berth for EWU. Getting into the NIT's probably helped our team's confidence, but they HAVE to find a way into the NCAA's. I think this year will probably be the year we win out in the regular season, win the tournament, and go to the NCAA's. They definately have the talent to do it. They only lost 2 starters off of last year's team. We have a solid core of returners, and a great recruiting class. I like Henkel from Missoula, although I have heard he might redshirt this year. Montana seems to have the best team they've had in years, and I think it will be between these two schools. Looking forward to some great battles!

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